Hyundai Tucson aims to command its path to success


A marketing campaign has been launched by Hyundai Motor India to debut Tucson’s fourth generation.

Some people are always looking for what’s next, the voiceover in the opening credits of the movie says. The SUV‘s capabilities are then highlighted, including its long wheelbase, lane-following assistance, and forward collision avoidance assistance, among others. The purpose of the movie is to demonstrate how the SUV transcends mere mobility by guiding Tucson’s driver down a successful path.

The new advertisement, “Tomorrow wants its car back,” uses the Hyundai Tucson as a sneak peek into the company’s avant-garde style and innovation-driven future. It depicts a futuristic-looking car and what appears to be robots from the far future stealing 2021 of what is rightfully theirs.

With the debut advertisement introducing robots that are on-watch, viewers catch a glimpse of an unidentified object in a Tucson driver’s blind spot monitor in the pre-launch advertisement. The robots then appear in the final launch advertisement and creep towards a Hyundai Tucson, prompting the owners to take the vehicle back in time.

Unsoo Kim, managing director, and CEO, of Hyundai Motor India, said, “We are pleased to offer the fourth-generation Hyundai Tucson in India for the enjoyment of our most devoted Indian consumers. With the introduction of a premium SUV to India, our goal for the brand-new Hyundai Tucson was to reconfigure possibilities and rekindle customer fantasies. Customers in India have been genuinely enthralled by this global best-seller for Hyundai in 2021, which flawlessly captures the essence of our global character. As we continue to revolutionize the Indian automotive industry and roll out cutting-edge technologies, we are still committed to providing excellent customer service to our Indian customers. This will raise the quality of the Indian market’s consumers to levels on par with those found throughout the world. With the launch of Hyundai SmartSense, we have once more demonstrated the real-deal engineering prowess of Hyundai with our Level 2 ADAS technology.”

The three main objectives of Hyundai Motor’s new strategy are to become a leading mobility service, secure efforts for a hydrogen ecosystem, and increase the competitiveness of the company’s automotive industry through electrification. The update focuses on four major business areas: electric vehicles (EV), urban air mobility (UAM), autonomous driving technologies, and hydrogen fuel cell systems. This is done to provide customers with innovative and comprehensive mobility experiences while also helping to develop the industry-wide ecosystem.

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