Malaika Arora invests in Ahikoza


One of India’s most well-known and esteemed female businesswomen, Malaika Arora, has declared her interest in Ahikoza.

Arora has worked in partnership with Namrata Karad, the creator and creative director of Ahikoza, to introduce the international handcrafted accessories company to India through this investment.

Karad founded Ahikoza. The company is well-known for its handcrafted goods and geometrical designs. Along with its development in India, it is accessible in South Africa, Indonesia, and Singapore. The brand will only be accessible online for the time being. Many well-known people have consistently turned to the unique brand. The brand’s attention to detail is one of the main factors in why famous stars adore it. Each product is customized to the user’s preferences. Now, Malaika Arora has invested and teamed up with Namrata Karad, a young and formidable head honcho, to bring the widely recognized handcrafted accessory business, Ahikoza, to India.

Karad said, ” Malaika continues to represent a broad range of companies in industries like fashion, FMCG, food & beverage, Ayurveda, skincare, and many more. Malaika personifies style and grace. Malaika has also become a role model for shattering preconceptions in the film industry by following her passion and remaining loyal to her principles. She has created a significant social media presence by reinventing herself as numerous new avatars in response to the changing circumstances. Today, the companies in which she has invested find a great value in her affiliation as well as an increase in followers and customers. Her integrity in yoga, fitness, eating habits, lifestyle, and fashion is unquestionable. Her followers look up to her as an idol who has created and supported the life of their dreams, particularly progressive women. Being able to include Malaika in our ideal team was a major accomplishment for us.

“Over the years, Namrata’s expertise as an entrepreneur and industry professional has given her a strong skill set in marketing, content planning, consumer growth, and strategic business development. She has access to multiple distribution alliances and celebrity endorsements, which has elevated her to the position of leader par excellence in her market of pricey and elusive artisanal accessories. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for me to accept her involvement in Ahikoza because I am confident that we can work wonders together,”- says Malaika Arora.

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