Kasturi Kundal, the abode of authentic handcrafted sarees


~ Heritage art inspired by a tradition so rich, narrating a unique story in every stitch.~ 

April 2021

Discover the luxurious legacy of Indian craftsmanship with timelessly inspired sarees by Kasturi Kundal. Available in exquisite colors and a wide range of finest fabrics, Kasturi Kundal preserves the rich heritage of Indian handloom and delivers the best quality sarees which will adorn you like a jewel. 

Be it organically dyed and hand-drawn Kalamkari, handspun Tussar or Kosa from Chhattisgarh, intricate work on Banarasi with superior quality Zari, fine quality Linen and creating masterpieces in Jamdani with the usage of 300’s count Khadi. Kasturi Kundal is the heavenly abode of magnificent sarees. Indian heritage is revived through these glorious handcrafted treasures and designed to drape you wonderfully.

The market is flooded with a variety of beautiful traditional saris. But it is a matter of concern that except few brands, most of them are not purely handcrafted. So much substandard and power-loom work is in vogue that people in search of authentic craft do not find it easily.

Kasturi Kundal is involved in the entire process of crafting and designing the sarees. From the first step to the last, it is an arduous but interesting process. It starts with the selection of the best yarn and the usage of pure Mulberry silk as the preferred choice for silk sarees. Superior quality of Linen, Cotton, and Khadi is used for the other sarees. 

Commenting on the brand’s vision, the founder said, “Being time-consuming and labor-intensive, these sarees are of a limited edition.   

Now is the time to own these pieces of luxurious legacy online through their Instagram page!



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