KitKat breaks for good


KitKat has unveiled an initiative named “breaks for good.”

In well-known student hangouts and colleges all around India, the firm has built benches made from recycled plastic packaging.

The benches for the “break zone” were created in collaboration with Ricron Panels, a business that recycles plastic waste.

The company has released a film to increase awareness of this initiative. The script for the movie was written and conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson.

Rupali Rattan, head – confectionery business, Nestlé India, said, “In addition to our sustainability initiatives, we wanted to bring to life the Kitkat brand promise that breaks are good for you. We want to convey to the youth that these “break zones” not only provide a break for them but also for the environment by strategically situating recycled break zones throughout youth hangouts. This project is the first step in our commitment to and the path toward sustainability, and we want to keep having more discussions and taking more activities in this area.”

Rahul Chaudhary, the director, of Ricron Panels, said, “We are honored to work with KitKat and use our experience to create these recycled plastic benches. We are a pioneer in cutting-edge plastic waste recycling. This partnership demonstrates how post-consumer plastic trash may be included in the circular economy when stakeholders from throughout the entire value chain collaborate.”

The perfect combination of chocolate and wafer is another reason KitKat is loved in more than 80 countries. The renowned brand has become an international symbol for pressing the pause button in life and taking a well-deserved rest.

Everybody can find a KitKat they like, from traditional fingers to chunky, original to peanut butter.

Wasabi and sake are only a couple of the flavors available in Japan, where it is usual for students to take examinations to get a KitKat as a present. You may even create your own fantasy KitKat at the nation’s KitKat Chocolatery.

Through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and Rainforest Alliance certification, KitKat is the first international chocolate company to use only cocoa that has been responsibly obtained. Hence, there is no excuse not to pause… and take a rest.

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