Cleartrip appoints Shubham Khurana as head of brand marketing


Shubham Khurana has been chosen as the new brand head by Cleartrip. Khurana is quitting Facebook, where he most recently served as a client partner.

Kunal Dubey, chief marketing officer, Cleartrip, said, “At Cleartrip, we wholeheartedly support the idea of growing a company that, in addition to disrupting the OTA market with new ideas, also creates a name that millions of people can love and trust. Our goal is to establish a distinct positioning for the brand. At a time when Cleartrip is poised to dominate the category, Shubham joined the marketing team at a very exciting time. Shubham joins us with a distinctive background in consumer marketing, tourism, and digital marketing. He will undoubtedly benefit the team as we move forward.”

Khurana said, “This mandate excites me because it allows me to return to a field for which I have a great deal of enthusiasm. Travel is one of the most inspiring industries with some of the least exciting communication currently, which may be why there isn’t a standout Indian brand in this market yet. By cutting through the clutter of the industry’s predominately price- and discount-driven communication, there is a fantastic potential to develop a modern and interesting brand. Cleartrip has been able to establish a niche yet devoted customer base over the years, and I’m seeking to promote the quality of the platform to the globe at large with a revamped and refreshing brand identity and communication as my first goal. Being a part of Cleartrip excites me, and I look forward to helping it to new heights of success.

He has also worked with Treebo and Hindustan Unilever throughout his 12-year career.

In addition, Cleartrip provides a service for making reservations for travel-related activities, accommodations, and transportation. Their center of operations is India, and they mostly specialize in travel to Asia and the Middle East. Despite this, you can use their services in most major cities worldwide.

You may book flights, trains, hotels, and activities with the aid of Cleartrip, a search engine for low-cost flights. They largely concentrate on India and the Middle East, but some of their characteristics apply to other regions of the world as well.

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