Sara Ali Khan sells Flipkart’s Shopsy


Flipkart Shopsy has started a campaign called “Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya?” (Did you Shopsy today?) to draw attention to the variety of possibilities it offers to women consumers. The clip, which was created by Tilt Brand Solutions and stars the actor Sara Ali Khan, demonstrates the brand’s accessibility and affordability across its assortment of goods.

The movie opens with a woman asking the neighbourhood tailor to mend the hole in her saree. He promises to fix the tear after taking a look at it. The actor playing the tailor’s assistant Khan grabs the saree and advises the woman to buy something fresh in the same price range instead. The woman then advises her to make do with the outdated clothes till a sale is around the corner. Khan then demonstrates the Shopsy app to the woman and informs her that it features daily sales. The customer will have returned to the tailor’s store to have the blouse repaired; the tailor suggests as Khan picks up the measuring tape. The tailor applauds Khan’s strategy because he is pleased.

Adarsh Menon, senior vice president and head – new businesses, Flipkart, said, “At Shopsy, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a value-based and practical shopping experience by utilising our in-depth knowledge of their requirements. In order to provide customers the chance to take advantage of the great discounts and offers we have available on the platform, we are looking to establish the habit of having them visit Shopsy on a daily basis, as suggested by the campaign title “Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kiya?” When it comes time to shop, many consumers across the nation look forward to sale seasons. To close this gap, we developed our newest advertising campaign, which further establishes Shopsy as a one-stop shop for customers looking for a reputable and cost-effective online marketplace.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Sara Ali Khan said “Online shoppers in India seek a quick, cost-effective, and trustworthy shopping experience. The new Shopsy by Flipkart TVC campaign checks all the right boxes because it offers consumers all throughout the nation an unbelievable selection of goods at competitive prices. Since the TVC accurately depicts the real India, I am thrilled to work with Shopsy once again. I think a lot of people who enjoy shopping as much as I do will connect with this new campaign!”

The campaign will be shown in many languages on TV, the internet, and YouTube. 

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