Gas-o-fast appoints its AOR as Tilt Brand Solutions


Gas-o-fast is India’s leading antacids from Mankind Pharma’s has brought Mumbai- based brand and consultancy on-board. Tilt Brand solutions are its strategic creative agency on Record.

Gas-O-Fast is a perfect solution to get relief from acidity, indigestion, heartburn. Under strict guidelines and quality, it is manufactured. Also, it comes in many flavors which are healthy Asli Jeera, Asli Ajwain, orange, lemon, and Guava, etc. Gas-O-Fast tablets are available in various flavors; it instantly dissolves in water. One tablet will give you free relief and goodbye to acidity.

Because of the acidity, we don’t have to give up on our favorite dishes and enjoy meals.

Overall, 14000 employees and heading towards a turnover of 50,000 million. It provides a wide range of products, Antidiabetic Dermal, Antibiotic, Antifungal, and several other categories. There is a huge success of all products from Pharma, OTC, and FMGC brands like Man force condoms, Prega News, Heal-O-Kind, etc.  

Tilt brand strategy is to cover all the aspects of building and crafting brands from purpose to preposition. It designs communication interventions to influence the affinity, preferences, and behaviors of each point of the consumer’s journey across various platforms. To trace each cohort’s unique journey, they use CommsGenome as their communication intervention framework. Also has 500 years of experience across 250 odd brands. It careers in Marketing, Media, Entertainment, Advertising, Research, Digital and production, Technology.

Gas-O-Fast has natural carminative agents. With real Jeera and goodness of real Jeera and real Ajwain, Gas-O-Fast has a 100 percent growth in varied markets. Average sales of Gas-O-Fast reaches 1crore every month. Now, it moving towards ayurvedic remedies against acidity, gas, and indigestion.

General Manager of Mankind Pharma talks, new product innovations in the upcoming future, there will be brand level differentiation which allows unfair advantages in consumer minds. So it will be very critical for the growth of the brand in the coming future so going forward partner with Tilt brand solutions will be the right way. Their process of planning and work out by them is very impressive.

Rajiv Chatterjee, Co-founder, Tilt Brand Solutions, said, mankind team, is very passionate and focused. It is also a very interesting brand and they drive on their own and are self-belief and ambitious. The gas-O-fast’s rightful ambition is to grow and lead the category inability to build this journey. Tilt competencies are consumer behaviors, cultural understanding, and impactful storytelling, and others.

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