PharmEasy associates with Social Beat for organic search


PharmEasy, a leading online healthcare platform in India, announced its partnership with SocialBeat, which is one of the fastest-growing independent digital marketing agencies.

PharmEasy delivers medicines and other medical accessories across India. Based on the pin codes, all are used to identify pharmacies closest to the customers. Using the PharmEasy website or by using the mobile app to order items. Advertising is a major source of revenue, and e-pharmacy leverages it to the hilt. Company revenue has doubled from Rs 340 cr to Rs 637 cr in FY20. Competitors are the Ranger Health, Myra Medicines, Hello Heart, and Brown Packet.

SocialBeat collaboration is all about helping PharmEasy connect with more customers through the organic search and grow its online presence. Also, support educational and informative content that adds value to the consumer.

Social Beat could be a digital growth partner for hyper-scaling start-ups and top brands in India. Across India, they are 250+ strong teams of digital experts. India’s fastest-growing independent digital marketing solutions company.

PharmEasy is a web destination which is that the primary objective of making affordable healthcare accessible to everyone. The services it offers are doorstep delivery of medicines and wellness products also, at-home sample collection, subscription-based healthcare services.

CMO of PharmEasy, speaking about associating with Social Media, “It’s happy to associate with SocialBeat.  Because the pandemic has increased the adoption of digital services, so we need to make sure that the health services are accessible and affordable for everyone. With the help of SocialBeat, reaching the maximum people and being the leading healthcare brand that everyone trusts.

Because of the lockdown, everyone has struck at homes, stepping out and buying medicines has become even more difficult. The fear of going against the virus is also unavoidable. So, to get medicines at any time PharmEasy will be the right way to solve the problem.

Almost, over 1.5 crore medical orders serving 50 lakh families to date. Also, PharmEasy provided an option for the diagnostic tests at home for the people who are not able to go to the hospital. With this option, directly the medical professional will come and collect the blood at our doorstep, and the report will be generated online.

With the help of the Social Beat, PharmEasy can widen the consumer base and reach the nooks and corners of the digital areas. It will be the direct solution for all the health care needs in Indian households. 

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