Over 84k sales observed on Amazon small business day 2021


 Amazon India observed over 84,000 sales on its ‘Small Business Days 2021’ which were held from July 2 to July 4. Amazon has always been keen to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and believes it is a fundamental part of their work to support such groups. The company believes it is an extension of its customer-centric culture.

The motive behind this annual event is to help those businesses which suffered because of the Virus and the lockdown in the past two years. The pandemic has affected almost everyone financially, especially small and medium-sized business which was already competing with big retailers and now have to face the burdens of the lockdown too. Hence, to help such people and bring some inspiration in these difficult times, Amazon launched the ‘Small Business Day’. The company wanted to help such businesses to bounce back from their financial crashes because of the lockdown. Amazon looks for those small businesses which sell something unique or are a new start-up and are willing to expand under their support.  “As India tries to get back on track post the impact of the Covid-19 second wave, we are prioritizing our efforts to help small businesses, artisans, weavers, women entrepreneurs, and small local offline shops to bounce back from the economic disruption,” said Pranav Bhasin, Director, MSME and Selling Partner Experience, Amazon India, in a statement.

It was observed that most sellers (68%) were from small cities like Eta (Uttar Pradesh), Giridi (Jharkhand), and Una (Himachal Pradesh).  Compared to last year, 7,500 sellers received their highest sale – an increase of 2.8 times compared to the previous Small Business Day organized in December 2020. The number of sellers who made over one crore grew six times more than the previous Small Business Day (2020). A lot of local sellers were present at the event and 1,700 of them received an order during the event. Customers from over 20,300 pin codes shopped across various brands, sellers, manufacturers, and start-ups. This event profited a lot of local shops and businesses owned by women too. Organic honey, yoga mats, laptop tables, weighing scales, Bluetooth earphones, and food processors were the most-selling products. Top-performing sellers included- Quadrant, Odisha Handloom, and JH gallery.

The company announced that there will also be a “Prime Day Event” somewhere by the end of July, again, with the same motive in mind to support small businesses.

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