Dating app Bumble will now provide trauma support services


Bumble, the popular dating app, available for iOS and Android has partnered with Bloom, a company that offers free, remote trauma support services to anyone who seeks it.

Bloom provides free online courses for sexual assault or relationship abuse survivors on topics related to mental health, harassment, how to create boundaries, managing anxiety, etc. Considering the dating apps data, Bumble has been accused of being slow to block assaulters on its website in the past. This step will benefit the company as well as its users in maintaining decency on the app. This service will be provided to Bumble users from November this year.

According to this service, a user will be allowed to attend up to six therapy sessions along with a one-to-one chat support service with Team Bloom. Along with all this, the person seeking help will be given many library resources containing guided helping techniques from trauma-informed therapists. All this process will work as follows: when someone reports sexual assault or abuse to the Bumble’s feedback option, they will then receive a code for the free trauma course, powered by Bloom and Bumble. Up till now, arrangements have been made for survivors who encountered abuse on the app but, the company is thinking of expanding it further and making it open to all. They aim to include all those people who suffered assault no matter where they met their assaulter.

The company Bloom is run by Chayn – a non-profit organization that works to eliminate gender-based violence by providing support services. Since last year, the organization has built a special team of qualified, trauma-informed professionals to widen their outreach and services. The company also plans to expand its services to Badoo next year.

Rachel Haas, the Vice President of Member Safety at Bumble commented on the same news. She said: “Safety has been central to Bumble’s mission from day one. We have always been guided by clear principles: empowering women and using Bumble’s platform and technology to create our community’s safe and equitable environment. As someone who has dedicated their life to supporting survivors, I know the enormous impact we can have on a person’s healing by providing them with access to the support they need and deserve. We’re proud to partner with Bloom to be the first in the industry to pioneer a trauma-informed and expert-led Survivor Resources Program.”

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