How the pandemic changes the way Indians date- Bumble reveals


Bumble, the leading online dating, and social networking platform released data that shows how the dating pattern of India has changed over the pandemic period. It’s different to go on with a report that stands out among other dating patterns since it’s duly affected and shaped up by the social changes that took place in the Covid-19 scenario.

The data reveals that around 33% of youngsters are hopeful and takes an optimistic behavior towards their dating life because of the wider vaccination policy to the young age groups.

The lockdown and the newly emerged environment for all of us to stay alone has created a sense of new ideology to follow the true identity and to know what they really want.

A recent study reveals that in 2020 & 2021 there is a major hike in the use of online dating applications. The time we spent in lockdown offer more of a renowned clarity on what we are looking for in dating and to search for the one who fits into your comfort zones.

The research recently took by Bumble points out that people are dating more intentionally than before the pandemic. 74% of single Indians opinioned that there is a decline in the negative behavior and frauds such as breadcrumbing, ghosting, catfishing among others. More than 25% of users are not ready to compromise on what they truly want and it is a major change as compared to the trend in history where the majority of people carried a casual approach to online dating apps. Nearly half of the survey population is more open-minded and open to speak to maintain clarity in communications. And one in three are much comfortable and confident in communicating.

The research by Bumble mainly speaks about the fact that there is a change in the perspective of using online dating applications. The pandemic has resulted in people using the platform seriously as a part of keeping social distancing measures.

The concept of following the western style is much appreciated where people get to know each other with their comfort and to have a proper space to spent to study them before meeting in person. Around 39% have tried video dating as their first date in the year 2021. And more than 48% of Indians are satisfied with meeting people and dating on a virtual platform rather than meeting first time in person.

Over the past year, Bumble has been active in several platforms including introducing 150 new interest badges in dating profiles and the “Night-in” feature where two people can participate in interactive gameplay while video calling.

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