This Rakhi, give your sibling a present just as amazing as they are!


Concerns over what to get their siblings for this Rakshabandhan have already begun. There isn’t much time left to spend hours wandering from store to store looking for the best presents or searching online for unusual and offbeat ideas. Who thought showing your sister or brother your affection would be so challenging?

Thanks to internet buying, clever website ideas, and prompt deliveries, you were able to save the occasion! A variety of gifting alternatives with an international appeal are available from the worldwide lifestyle brand DailyObjects which will also provide an extra dash of elegance. You’ll be inspired to buy these presents for your sibling by their design, construction, quality, practicality, adaptability, and appearance. Here are a few possibilities:

Cases for phones:

Give a phone case as a gift? Check out DailyObjects’ distinctive designs. They feature a wide range of cases that will catch your interest. The MELA Collection by graphic designer Anuj Kohli will transport you back to your youth, while the MISFIT MILLENIAL Collection by artist Srishti Gupta Roy will infuse your space with color and levity. Rahul Kashyap’s SKATEBOARD SUBCULTURE Collection is another that will demonstrate your love of innovation. The fascinating dream journal is also brought to life in Akshay Singh’s design for DREAMSCAPE COLLECTION. These 90s pop culture-inspired phone covers make you smile and feel nostalgic. You may make your sibling nostalgic for the 1990s and let them relax in their old, comfortable, and unrestricted dream worlds.

Messenger Bag BASK:

Your brother or sister’s laptop likewise needs some TLC. A generic laptop bag won’t do your sibling’s fashion credit. Check out the DailyObjects Bask Messenger Bag, which combines the best of style and function in a sleek, modern package. Its slick attitude, along with a high-end multi-utility bag, will make your sibling stand out. The bag has enough room to fit a laptop, files, and other necessary items. For incredibly comfortable commuting, there are soft leather handles, a detachable padded leather strap, and a rear sleeve that fits over the extended luggage handle. The bag is strong enough to hold a small office without sacrificing design or appearance. They’ll want to carry it around with them always.

Collection by Platform:

The Platform collection will save your messy or neatly arranged sibling from a cluttered workstation. Tabletops will be cleared thanks to the ergonomic design of DailyObjects’ collection, giving you more room to store your belongings. The tabletop’s simple geometric shape and modern color scheme give it a unique personality in addition to making it functional. The complete line is Made in India and has high aesthetic standards. The desk collection includes the Mesa Monitor Stand, Arete Laptop Stand, Mount Adjustable Phone Stand, Cirque Phone, Pen Stand, and Striate Wooden Tray.

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