On Purpose wins PR Mandate for NASSCOM Foundation


ON PURPOSE has been signed on by NASSCOM Foundation to raise more awareness of its ‘TechForGood’ philosophy to create more opportunity for those who need it most. NASSCOM Foundation is the only not-for-profit organisation representing the Indian Tech industry. It believes in helping people and institutions transform the way they tackle social and economic challenges through technology. NASSCOM Foundation programs and initiatives focus on three pillars: Skilling and Employability, Women Entrepreneurship.

NASSCOM Foundations’ Resurgent Communities Programme and Micro Focus has partnered and trained 730 community members with digital literacy skills, nurtured 35 micro-entrepreneurs in the community by providing with basic entrepreneurial skills. These include, creating awareness about relevant government schemes and portals, introduction to using digital devices such as smartphones and laptops, educating the communities with uses of digital payments and building awareness on cybercrime, internet fraud and social bullying.

The foundation has empowered over 700 individuals from marginalised communities with digital literacy, life skills, socioemotional and job-specific skills to support their transition into the workforce along with entrepreneurial skills to enable youth become self-reliant and future -ready.

ON PURPOSE will work closely with NASSCOM Foundation to deliver an extensive media outreach program in India, managed by its offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. The brief includes providing a comprehensive communications strategy to help NASSCOM Foundation build and amplify its value system to bring the tech ecosystem together to scale social impact.

“ON PURPOSE’s interest in working with brands that create social impact and their attitude towards addressing and highlighting the social challenges resonated with our Foundation’s vision. This enthusiasm, along with its experienced team will help establish NASSCOM Foundation as a brand in India that is about reaching the last mile and about providing access to those who need it most,” said Shruti Das, Communications & Marketing, NASSCOM Foundation

Talking about the new win, Girish Balachandran, Managing Director, ON PURPOSE, said, “With our experience and expertise in delivering integrated communications for several clients in the development sector, we are excited about working with NASSCOM Foundation to help them deliver more #TechForGood. We look forward to leveraging our capabilities in communications and experience in the development sector to provide a well-rounded communications approach to NASSCOM Foundation.”

ON PURPOSE is a communications consultancy founded to drive social change in India. Since its inception in 2017, the firm has developed a portfolio of clients in climate action, public health, education, and gender equality.

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