Rage Coffee’s new campaign unites Indians & celebrates Independence


Rage Coffee, an FMCG Company based in Delhi which manufactures, distributes, and markets innovative packaged coffee products, has launched its new digital campaign ‘India Drinks Rage Coffee’. The campaign is aimed at capturing the raw spirit of the ‘Rager’ community through Instagram videos and reels, exhibiting people’s zeal and passion for Rage Coffee products. The videos will feature on Rage Coffee’s official Instagram profile from 13th August 2022 to 16th August 2022. The campaign will also highlight Rage Coffee’s offline retail outlets across several states in India. 

With India gearing up to celebrate its 75th Independence Day, the campaign aims to project the true power of the Indian common man, exhibiting unity in diversity. It features many faces from different parts of the country, unified by their passion for coffee, and evoked by the premium products of Rage Coffee. Ragers from several states will feature in this campaign, including Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Nagaland. Thus, the digital campaign will relate to all Indians. 

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Bharat Sethi, Founder and CEO of Rage Coffee, said that Rage Coffee is a brand that is backed by consumers and is very grateful to all the Ragers who have shown immense support for its products. The company is one of India’s fastest-growing FMCG brands, thanks to all the Indians who enjoy Rage Coffee. The campaign, ‘India Drinks Rage Coffee’, wants to show how Rage Coffee has brought the country together by recognizing its people’s love for coffee. 

Rage Coffee products are 100% plant-powered, meant to give the perfect caffeine kick. It is fully a made-in-India and made-for-India D2C brand, which is always available wherever the customers are. The strong community of Ragers drives the company’s popularity, as they swear by the company’s products. The brand has quickly spread to new territories since the time of its inception in 2018, and expanded its offline network from 100+ distributors, 5 CFAs, and 10 super-stockists, covering over 3000 touchpoints in India. 

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