Parle remains the top FMCG brand in India: Report


New Delhi:

According to Kantar India’s annual Brand Footprint study, which was released on Thursday, the locally produced biscuit brand Parle continued to be the most popular brand among fast-moving consumer goods in India in 2021, topping the rankings for the eleventh year in a row.

Based on Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), the report assessed the FMCG brands that consumers will choose in 2021.Consumer spending patterns (CRP) are evaluated based on the actual purchases made by customers and the regularity with which they occur throughout a given year.In other words, CRP gauges a brand’s mass appeal based on its penetration and how consumers feel about it based on how frequently they purchase it.

The Kantar Brand Footprint ranking has been in existence for ten years. After Parle, the other top brands on the list are Amul, Britannia, Clinic Plus, and Tata Consumer Products. For a record-breaking tenth year in a row, Parle is in first place with a CRP score of 6531 (million). According to Parle, CRP increased by 14% from the prior year’s ranks. Comparing the present ranks to the same time last year, Amul’s CRP improved by 9%, while Britannia’s increased by 14%.

Haldiram’s, a brand of packaged goods, reached the top 25 ranking at number 24 and joined the billion CRP club in the meantime. Anmol (a brand of cakes and biscuits) also joined the CRP club. Due in part to increased mobility following the second pandemic wave, more brands reported CRP growth in 2021 compared to 2020.

“Globally, consumer reach points (CRPs) have grown from 89 billion to 98 billion, with a growth rate that climbed from 3 percent in 2020 to 9 percent in 2021. The food, health, and beauty, as well as the beverage categories, have driven this increase in CRPs”. In its Brand Footprint India study, Kantar Worldpanel noted that as the effects of lockdowns fade, purchase frequency increases and CRP increases.

Larger companies profited from a greater rate of CRP rise, though. According to the survey, “big brands, or those with penetration levels of above 61 percent, gained the fastest with over 8 percent growth in 2021 over 2020.” Consumer choice is a function of penetration as well as frequency, and this year, as shoppers flocked back to stores after the previous year’s tighter conditions, frequency increased significantly, which is reflected in the significant increases most brands’ CRPs saw, according to K. Ramakrishnan, managing director of Kantar’s South Asia Worldpanel Division.

Over 400 brands and 98 billion CRPs were measured for Brand Footprint 2022, which projected 2021 rankings for brands in the food, home care, health and beauty, drinks, and dairy sectors.

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