Chocolate Dankaroos are back! General Mills to reveal it in July, an epic news for snack lovers


General Mills, Inc., is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods sold through retail stores. Recently, General Mills is auctioning 10 original digital artworks to celebrate the return of Chocolate Dunkaroos snacks and to raise money for charity. The NFTs, which General Mills has dubbed as “new frosting tokens” because the snack consists of cookies that consumers dip in frosting, are inspired by Dunkaroos artwork from the 1990s, when the snack was popular.

The company is trying to keep up with the growing trend of creating and trading NFTs to drive interest for the reintroduction of Chocolate Dunkaroos. The packaged foods company last year brought back a vanilla-flavored version of the snack to the U.S., where it had been discontinued in 2012, amid a wave of nostalgia for brands that people enjoyed in their youth. That trend picked up its pace during the pandemic as homebound consumers ate more meals at home and found comfort in familiar brands. General Mills is the brand-new marketer to host an auction of NFTs, whose values are based on what people are willing to pay for one-of-a-kind digital assets. NFT mania is drawing interest from brands that seek to parlay the growing interest in digital assets into more publicity for their campaigns. Many other companies like Dole Sunshine, Pizza Hut Canada, Procter & Gamble are using NFTs to build buzz for their brands and campaigns.

Talking about Chocolate Dunkaroos the company this year looks to sustain a sales boost driven by renewed interest in its brands during the ongoing pandemic. With this in mind, the marketer is trying to increase media investments with a focus on digital and building brands with purpose. Beginning in July 2021, the Dunkaroos Vanilla Cookies and Chocolate Frosting variety will be available at grocery and selected convenience stores. Each 1.5-ounce tray will have a suggested retail price $1.79. Although possibility of going out is very less this summer due to pandemic, Still, you can bet that Dunkaroos will play a starring role in quarantine, because the taste of post-vax summer is here, and it’s chocolate frosting.


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