CII’s Young Indians (Yi) is all set to embrace Responsible Youth Leaders at the 20th National Summit ‘Take Pride 2023’

CII’s Young Indians (Yi) is all set to embrace Responsible Youth Leaders at the 20th National Summit 'Take Pride 2023'
CII’s Young Indians (Yi) is all set to embrace Responsible Youth Leaders at the 20th National Summit 'Take Pride 2023'

~The summit will shed light on significant initiatives such as the Yi National Road Safety Summit, Yi Masoom Summit, Yi The Future Conclave, and Yi National Climate Change Summit~

Chennai, 29th November 2023: Young Indians (Yi), the youth wing of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), proudly unveils the theme of its much-anticipated 20th National Summit, “Take Pride 2023,” scheduled for December 21-22, 2023. The two-day conference will be hosted at the esteemed ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, marking the pinnacle of a year-long dedication to empowering young leaders and fostering a transformative dialogue for the nation’s progress.

The theme for this year’s Take Pride, “I am”, symbolizes the collective identity of Young Indians. It embodies inclusivity, celebrating the diverse qualities, aspirations, and strengths that converge within Yi, fostering an environment of unity amid diversity. The 20th edition of the summit will focus on Youth Leadership, Nation Building, and Thought Leadership—pillars that define Yi’s commitment to shaping India’s future.

The summit boasts an illustrious lineup of keynote speakers, including esteemed personalities like Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, and Dr. TRB Rajaa, Hon’ble Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa, and industry stalwarts such as Mr. Sridhar Vembu, Mr. Mithun Sacheti, and Ms. Vita Dani, among others. The diverse panel of speakers brings forth invaluable insights and experiences across various sectors, enriching the discourse on nation-building and youth empowerment.

Mr Dilip Krishna, National Chairman, Young Indians (Yi), “Take Pride 2023 embodies the essence of unity in diversity. It’s a platform where the dynamic minds of Young Indians converge to drive impactful change, recognizing that each individual’s uniqueness contributes to a stronger, more resilient community. We are thrilled to host this 20th edition of the summit, enabling young leaders to spearhead positive transformations within their spheres.”

Mr Shankar Vanavarayar,Chairman-CII Tamil Nadu State Council  said I am honored to be a part of Take Pride 2023—an event that amplifies the voices and aspirations of India’s youth. Yi’s commitment to nurturing young leaders and fostering an environment of collaboration resonates deeply with the ethos of our nation’s progress. I look forward to engaging with these vibrant minds and supporting their endeavors towards a brighter future.”

Yi introduced seven new chapters this year, expanding its reach to more cities across the country. The year 2023 saw 50 Y20 sessions and 6 Mera Yuva Bharat workshops organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. Additionally, the Young Indians witnessed the launch of the Yi Masoom Cup League in association with the esteemed Chennai Super Kings, advocating for child safety.

Yi remains committed to child safety through its Project Masoom, working relentlessly towards creating awareness and eliminating child sexual abuse. The Yi Masoom Cup 2023, in collaboration with Chennai Super Kings, aims to amplify this vital cause.

The grand finale match, scheduled for 20th December ‘23, will witness the pinnacle of regional champions coming together for a noble cause. Additionally, an exhibition league match between the Yi National Team and CSK will further amplify the message of safeguarding children.

Yi forged partnerships with various entities such as Schwing Stetter India for Road Safety, EMRI for Farishtey, and Chennai Super Kings for the Yi Masoom Cup, demonstrating its commitment to significant social causes and initiatives.