Cleartrip comes bearing quick good news


Introducing its newest service, Cleartrip Tatkaal, which gives a flat 50% off on all domestic flights and hotels with Cleartrip and Flipkart Travel.

The films, which were created by the brand’s in-house team, try to persuade viewers that this piece of news is the happiest one available.

A wife is seen showing her husband the positive indicator on her pregnancy test in the first film. He gets a notification about Cleartrip Tatkaal on his phone just as he approaches to hug her in enthusiasm. He shows the notification to his wife, who is even thrilled than she was when she found out she was pregnant.

In the second film, a man approaches a coworker and informs him that he has received significant funding. He sees his phone beep with Cleartrip’s tatkaal notice just as he is about to high five his friend. He sets his phone on top of the funding letter and hands it to his friend, who is equally surprised.

“A large celebration was merited as Cleartrip debuts Cleartrip Tatkaal,” stated Kunal Dubey, Cleartrip’s CMO. The deal, which is an industry first, will provide travellers with a window of opportunity to save 50% on all domestic flights and accommodations, giving them twice the value for half the price.

What could be better than that? In a lighthearted yet significant way, the campaign has wonderfully conveyed this essential sentiment.

We’re making every good news seem even better now that our consumers may arrange a longer, more leisurely trip without burning a hole in their wallet.

All you have to do now is seize the moment. We’re thrilled to be able to communicate this wonderful news with our consumers, and we encourage them to take advantage of Cleartrip Tatkaal!”

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The multicity search page displays a selection of entire itineraries, allowing you to make your online airline booking without having to calculate time, transfers, or layovers.

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