CLIRNET Global: Launches “Healthcare beyond Horizon”

CLIRNET Global: Launches “Healthcare beyond Horizon”
CLIRNET Global: Launches “Healthcare beyond Horizon”


CLIRNET Goes Global, Targets to Enroll 1M+ Healthcare Professionals Worldwide

23rd November, 2023, Mumbai – CLIRNET, a digital health-tech platform for healthcare professionals (HCPs) used by over 40% of doctors in India, is thrilled to announce a momentous milestone in its mission to empower HCPs worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of healthcare and promoting clinical experience sharing, CLIRNET is extending its reach beyond borders to revolutionize healthcare practices on a global scale.  This remarkable adoption rate is backed by a 200% annual growth in active users and a 35% increase in daily engagement metrics.

CLIRNET stands as the world’s largest UGC (user-generated content) platform for doctors. The UGC nature of its content ensures it is practical, locally applicable, and globally relevant for its HCP members. The platform activities led by eminent institutions and spanning a multitude of specialties, have garnered active participation from lacs of HCPs, establishing CLIRNET as a premier hub for knowledge dissemination and professional collaboration. CLIRNET’s MedWiki® platform, fueled by cutting-edge AI-driven technologies, represents a groundbreaking approach to the curation and distribution of UGC. This dynamic repository of knowledge features over 500,000 multimedia medical articles, becoming a cornerstone for doctors worldwide seeking concise, up-to-date, specialty-specific scientific discourse. Furthermore, an empirical study by esteemed researchers from IIM-Bangalore & HEC-Paris has substantiated CLIRNET’s tangible impact on the clinical decision-making process for an overwhelming 89% of its doctor members.

CLIRNET’s Co-Founder Saurav Kasera said, “Under the banner of ‘Healthcare beyond Horizon’, CLIRNET will connect HCPs across the globe enabling doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. to collaborate, share insights, and access the latest medical advancements in real-time. In the next year, CLIRNET is targeting to enroll over 1 million HCPs in South/ South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa, CIS, and Europe.”

CLIRNET’s collaboration with hundreds of medical associations and institutions underscores its pivotal role in the global healthcare landscape. As a Stanford Seed company, being recognized among the top 100 health tech companies in South Asia as per Holon IQ Survey 2022, is reflective of its excellence and pioneering spirit. Notably, the inclusion of CLIRNET in the prestigious Marketing Management edition by Philip Kotler further cements its status as a vanguard of health tech innovation. Steered by a dynamic, majority-women team of over 200 dedicated members, CLIRNET not only champions progressive technological solutions but also promotes diversity and leadership in the health tech domain.