CLIRNET Revolutionizes Healthcare with Launch of DocTube™: India’s Premier Video-Based Health Content Platform

DocTube™: India's Premier Video-Based Health Content Platform
CLIRNET Revolutionizes Healthcare with Launch of DocTube™: India's Premier Video-Based Health Content Platform

New Delhi, 08-06-2023: CLIRNET, India’s leading digital healthcare platform, has announced the launch of DocTube™, a revolutionary video first, free to public health content platform aimed at providing trustworthy medical information to the citizens of India and improving patient health outcomes. It is India’s own largest repository of multi-lingual healthcare information made “By Doctors, For People” that is deeply relevant to the demographics and the huge diversity of the people of India. The virtual launch event took place on DocTube (Link).

DocTube™ is a game-changer in the healthcare industry, hosting over 10,000 medical videos created by more than 3,000 verified doctors. The platform already covers over 1,000 therapeutic medical conditions, with over 80% of the videos in Indian vernacular languages, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of the Indian population. The intent is to take this to 50,000 plus videos by next year covering all major regions and languages of India.

Padma Bhushan recipient, world renowned cardiologist, and Chairman of Narayana Health, Dr. Devi Shetty launched Doctube as the Guest of Honour. Dr. Shetty shared his views on “Dissociating Healthcare from Affluence,” highlighting the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Commending the launch of DocTube™, Dr. Devi Shetty said, “In an era where misinformation can have dire consequences, platforms like DocTube™ play a vital role in disseminating accurate medical knowledge. By providing patients with reliable information from qualified doctors, DocTube™ empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health.”

Expressing his excitement about the virtual launch, CLIRNET Co-founder Mr. Saurav Kasera said, “DocTube™ is a breakthrough in the Indian healthcare landscape. It is designed to bridge the gap between doctors and patients, enabling verified doctors to share authentic medical knowledge directly with the public. Our core philosophy, “By Doctors, For People”, underlines our commitment to promoting transparent, trustworthy healthcare information.”

Through DocTube™, verified doctors can create and share a wide range of content, including videos, presentations, and demonstrations. The platform covers various health-related topics, such as treatment options, medical procedures, lifestyle changes, and advancements in technology. By offering information in patients’ preferred languages, DocTube™ ensures accessibility to all, regardless of regional diversity.

DocTube™ allows doctors who are the forefront of medical care to directly address patient health concerns and to showcase their medical expertise in line with regulatory guidelines. It also empowers the well-informed public to combat the prevalence of confusing and potentially harmful online recommendations by unqualified individuals.