Clovia collaborates with Alliance Insurance


Clovia, India’s largest brand for women’s innerwear, loungewear, and personal care, has partnered with Alliance Insurance to offer the first-of-its-kind tailor-made insurance coverage for breast cancer called “Women’s cancer shield.”

Clovia is the initiative’s platform for making insurance accessible to customers, while Alliance Insurance is the insurance partner that will assist with the implementation of a breast cancer insurance policy.

Every four minutes, a woman in India is diagnosed with breast cancer. This project attempts to raise awareness regarding breast cancer, which accounts for 14 percent of cancers in Indian women. Furthermore, because treatment can be highly expensive, it is critical to be prepared and protected with valid insurance coverage.

Neha Kant, Founder, Clovia said that they’re ecstatic to be working with Alliance Insurance on this new Women’s Cancer Shield coverage. We have a unique chance to highlight the importance of health issues in personal care because we are in the intimate care business.

They see this as one of the most promising and relevant initiatives in terms of providing help to their clients. Each customer is a member of the Clovia family, and they are excited to take another step toward making a positive difference in their life.

Customers who make a purchase of a particular value from Clovia’s website will be eligible for a breast-cancer insurance policy cover of INR 25,000 from Alliance Insurance as part of this new offering. This one-of-a-kind policy is for women aged 18 to 65, and it can be renewed for the rest of their lives.

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer after taking out the insurance and are not on pre-existing therapies will be eligible for the policy. The policy has a one-year term with a 90-day waiting period before it can be used. This coverage will be available for both minor and major stages of breast cancer.

Clovia has been revolutionizing the lingerie market with its unique approach of controlled and agile supply chain and distribution powered by powerful technological engines, redefining how Indian lingerie goods are manufactured and consumed.

The brand has expanded into a slew of other sectors, all of which have met with comparable success and this new endeavor will only serve to further improve the ecosystem and the lives of their clients.

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