CMO, Rahul Gandhi of ID fresh food about their innovations


The Bengaluru-based food products company; iD Fresh Foods, CMO Rahul Gandhi talks about their recent food innovations and their earlier creation of Dosa maker.   

ID Fresh Foods has a diverse range of foods; Idly/Dosa Batter, Parottas, Chapatis, Curd, and Paneer.   

For decades, Dosa is a beloved cuisine of South India, and making a perfectly round Dosa is a difficult task.  

The company introduced the Dosa maker so that people of any age could make a round Dosa. They had earlier released a video to promote the same.  

In the video, a child is seen helping his working parents with household chores as they have a busy morning.  

For a child to make a perfect Dosa is surely no picnic, but it’s shown that with iD’s Dosa Maker the kid could easily make a Dosa.  

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Rahul Gandhi reveals that an eight-year-old couldn’t make a round Dosa.   

So, he had to be taught…Inspired by this, Abdul Nasser (one of the founders) collected spare metal parts from a nearby shop and made a prototype.  

The company has a list of innovations for the past few years, with the Dosa and Medu Vada maker, there’s the filter coffee decoction, and the smart-sip coconut.   

The CMO remarked that the credit for these goes to the founder, PC Musthafa who had put up an innovation checklist.  

The USP of such products is an important factor as he reveals that they do not go ahead without it and says that is what makes their products stand out in the market.  

He also says that sometimes they do take outside help for the innovations otherwise it’s all in-house.  

The company is ready to take risks since the chance of failure is minimal, he adds.  

For a traditional company, the failure of a new product would result in stock being stuck with distributors, warehouses, and manufacturers, and then there will be a need to withdraw it.  

He further explains that they’re using a zero-inventory model so nothing is in the factory.  

Talking about the North Indian market, he remarks that currently, the North Indians are having Idli/Dosa at restaurants.   

Adds that their production is much better and more cost-effective than other alternatives.  

These innovations from iD have spurred larger and more established brands to enter the market as well. 

Gandhi also added that their product quality is good. The supply chain is one-of-a-kind. The consumers have flocked to them and until now their competitors found it difficult to enter.  

Commenting on the distribution of their products, they had not grown aggressively.   

But he adds that they will grow by 50% in 2022, as they have plans for shop expansions in different places.   

He concludes by explaining that a production facility is needed near the consumption location, otherwise the ‘fresh’ concept falls apart. And that’s why their scale-up has been modest. 

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