Colgate launches Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray


Colgate-PalmoliveLimited, the leading oral care brand in India has introduced a new product which is a mouth spray and it is named “Vedshakti mouth protect spray”. The product is designed in such a way that it can be carried around easily and is pocket friendly and the product helps in preventing germ build-up in the mouth by spraying it just once.

There are millions of germs present in our mouth and these germs keep on increasing after eating, drinking, or even when the mouth is idle and salivary flow is limited. The germ build-up creates other problems like enamel erosion, infections in the mouth, and the mask breath.

The mouth spray is created by combining powerful ayurvedic ingredients like Clove, Star Anise, Fennel, and Mint, and after every use it helps in killing germs instantly. The brand has created a new segment in oral care and the product is offered at a price of Rs99 which comes in a bottle and which offers more than 100 sprays.

The vice president of marketing of Colgate-Palmolive limited, Arvind Chintamani stated that when people are away from their homes it is not possible to always keep checking about the germ build-up in the mouth.

The company claims that the product is an advanced invention and the product helps in killing germs instantly in the mouth and it also has a minty saunf flavor which helps to refresh the mask breath and the product is pocket friendly. The brand states that to protect the mouth from germs, the brand suggests the customers to use Vedshakti mouth protect spray.

The concept was designed by Red Fuse-WPP’s integrated communication partner to Colgate and the campaign film creates awareness to the customers about the product by claiming that it can be used to prevent germ build-up in the mouth and can be used at any time and place and comes with the message “ Aa Karo, germs Ko naa Karo”.

The Executive creative director of Red Fuse, Delna Sethna stated that the concept for the product’s campaign came from the product proposition. The TVC shows the significance of oral health for overall health by using mouth spray which is both convenient and simple to use.


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