SKODA introduces its Whatsapp bot for customers


In this current pandemic circumstance, the lockdown and social distancing control customers at home, SKODA Auto India, and PHD Media India have come together to introduce a new remedy for this. That is an all-new WhatsApp bot for the automobile manufacturer’s customer commitment.

Meant for both current owners of ŠKODA vehicles and for prospective buyers, the WhatsApp Chat service with its advanced characteristics provides easy and comfortable access for customers in need of information. The consumers can avail of this service of automated customer-care on a 24/7 basis.

 This tool is not only required to boost overall customer engagement and better communication, but it will also encourage marketing via automation. To access the chatbot, all the customer needs to do is visit  or save +91 40 7192 0909 to their device and start chatting.

Speaking about the launch, Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA AUTO India commented that, In a pandemic situations like these, it is very important to turn innovative for new solutions every day. With the WhatsApp Bot, the company wants to encourage its customers that they are always available and surely available for any query they may have. In light of the lockdown, it has become necessary to provide customers with alternative avenues of communication. The added personal touch of chat also helped in additional increase in customer engagement. The company looks forward to doing whatever they can to continue guaranteeing its existing and prospective customers.

The company mainly introduces this feature based on the rules that are produced by the government in this pandemic situation. Social distancing affects customers as well as businesses.

About the collaboration, Monaz Todywalla, CEO PHD Media India, mentions that they are very happy at this opportunity to work with SKODA and integrate smooth automation into the customer experience. With the use of WhatsApp Bot, the company making the communication process very easy for the customers. This new service also agrees to engage consumers significantly more because of the graphical output and easy notifications for opt-in users.  SKODA is all set to reach a whole new realm of customers, and we are excited to be a part of the journey.


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