Morton Salts provides AR experience with rebranding


The expected AR experience of Morton Salt focuses on engaging customers with its brand as the business undertakes a major rebranding initiative involving a more contemporary design while retaining elements such as the Morton Salt Girl, launched in 1914. Younger customers are more likely to pursue interactions they can trigger or share it on social media on their smartphones, making AR content a key way to prolong brand awareness and providing more product knowledge.

As they search grocery aisles, customers can trigger the AR experience, although that is less likely as many shoppers seek to restrict the time they stay in stores during the pandemic. In experience, Morton Salt’s recipe material is more targeted to individuals creating recipes with items they already have at home.

More than half (55 percent) of customers have said they eat more often at home since the pandemic started, while 35 percent have developed a newly discovered love for Acosta’s cooking, marketing and sales organization found in a study. With its AR material, Morton Salt can engage those consumers.

AR content offers a way for consumer packaged goods companies to make their packaging more immersive, turning it into a commercial or gamified experience in an efficient way.

In the past few years, several companies have either revised their packaging or attached QR codes to goods to communicate with smartphone users. These brands include Pepsi, which printed QR codes on its cans this year to unlock an AR experience for football fans, and Coca-Cola, whose holiday promotion featured its first large-scale AR experience last year which was triggered by customers by scanning specially labelled cans and bottles. Similarly, last summer, Trident Gum led a campaign urging smartphone users to search its packaging for a QR platform to create music beats in an Instagram AR filter.

Morton Salt, Inc. is a well-known salt authority in North America. Since 1848, the iconic Morton brand, combined with the sector’s broadest footprint, has made them a leader. For culinary, water softening, residential, road deicing, food processing, chemical, medicinal, and numerous many uses, they manufacture salt. Morton Salt, with its affiliates in the Bahamas and Canada, is headquartered in Chicago and has approximately 3,000 employees dedicated to the protection, efficiency, and service in the communities in which they operate.


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