Come fall in love with technology: OPPO’s new tag line


There are less visual delights that make you fall in love as much with the hero as with his character. If OPPO was an actor and technology the character, then you would love them after watching National Geographic’s most recent release.

National Geographic India’s latest featured OPPO India’s Greater Noida production hub on SUPERFACTORIES. The episode which was aired on 27th February is also live streaming on OTT platform Hotstar and is an outright visual and sensory delight for a smartphone lover!

The film takes you inside the Greater Noida factory of the company. It beautifully tracks the journey of manufacturing a smartphone, right from the scratch. From the fascinating sights of a motherboard being assembled by state-of-the-art equipment to the integration of technology that lends features like AI to your mobile photography experience, each step will enthrall and incrementally increase your interest in the process of smartphone.

The film then gives a sneak look into the R&D capability of the firm that has been setting the industry benchmarks for a long time now. The way that the company has earmarked another USD 7 Billion for R&D investment in India over the next 3 years is a testament to its commitment to the Indian market well as its never-ending for greatness for consumer loyalty.

The most fascinating aspect perhaps is the clock-like mechanism which allows the company to deliver products and sales volumes while adhering to the highest quality standards. You have to see it to believe that a framework so elaborate can work with such precision. This maybe the reason which leaves the organization be consistently on the leader group of the smartphone market in India.

Yet, for the individuals who accept the visual treat is limited to the technological excellence of the company, there’s more in available. The film magnificently catches the interaction among technology and humans to make this marvel possible and keep it functional. The interactions with various domain experts at OPPO to set up the significance of obtaining the best industry talents as well as following best HR practices to hold them.

This energy becomes especially significant for a fast-developing market like India where the connectivity isn’t just rising as far as numbers yet besides qualitative engagement. Whether it is weather information for farmers, payment gateways for millennials, seamless online education experience for students or quality content curation for creators-smartphone experience has accomplished huge implications for practically to all audiences. The film builds up that with its future-driven and solution-oriented approach, OPPO can merge as the torchbearer of the smartphone revolution in the country and further understand its “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” brand philosophy.

With taking everything into account, the documentary has elements that will engage, enthrall and energize its viewers. It does justice to the stupendous production ability that OPPO has set up to support its obligation to the Indian market. If you’re not in love with it, this film will make you fall in love with brand OPPO!


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