Passionate in Marketing in Conversation with Ipsa Agarwal- Founder Aeva India


Aeva offers a UV Sanipro is a safe, reliable, and effective sanitization chamber that destroys 99.99% of germs, including coronavirus, fungi, and bacteria. It works on the principle of using short wave UV-C rays to disinfect surfaces. You can use this chamber to sanitize the surface of inanimate objects such as shoes, wallets, watches, keys, mobile phones, masks, cash, fruits and vegetables within a few minutes.

Passionate in Marketing caught up with Ipsa Agarwal to know more about Aeva and what the company has to offer.

What is AEVA? What was the idea behind bringing this concept?

AEVA means life. We via AEVA are working towards keeping life safe during these difficult times. This pandemic has made us to think about our way of life and the increased need for being cautious, not just for ourselves but for our family and loved ones too. We at AEVA are striving to help you achieve this protection by offering UVC based sanitization devices.

  How does AEVA function & who would benefit out of this?

Aeva offers UV Sanipro which makes your life safer and more hygienic. UV sanipro is a lightweight, portable and safe to use sanitization box that uses short-wavelength uvc (ultraviolet c) rays to kill viruses including coronavirus, bacteria and fungi from the surfaces of all inanimate objects exposed to it, like watches, wallets, shoes, mobile phone, keys, cash, mask, vegetables, etc. We are offering:

  • One-dial UV-C sanitization
  • UV light indicator
  • 4 layer protection
  • 360 degree surface sanitization
  • Auto cut-off switch for safety

We are offering to serve all. Our product is designed in a way that a household is able to sanitize every item that comes into their home. We are catering to retail stores, banks, corporate offices, salons, medical institutes and government organizations.

What is your expectation with bringing a sanitization brand in the country with so many other sanitization products in the market?

Our expectation to offer a series of products and services ensuring a safer and healthier life. We see the product to fight diseases post covid-19 as well. We are designing customized products to cater to the varied needs of all. 

How is AEVA different or more useful from other sanitization       products in the market?

Our product UV Sanipro offers quick sanitization in just 3 minutes. It is designed in a way to fit in a larger capacity in the similar size boxes in the market. The size is a key offering as it gives the option of fitting in even a helmet. With less timing we offer multiple rounds of sanitization in a less time. The bell sound at the end of completion of sanitization cycles enables you to be at peace with work and not hover around waiting to check for the cycle to complete.

When was this launched & how has the response received been so far?

We launched the product during the lockdown and have been selling well.

Are you planning to launch any more range of similar products in the market?

We have developed more variants of our 40-litre model. Our current model UV Sanipro now comes in two variants- top loading and front loading and in two colours- black and grey.

Our another model, UV Sanipro Lite caters to households who want a lower price band and are willing to sanitize in a longer duration. UV Sanipro Lite sanitizes in 9 minutes and has 3 UV-C lights.

We are also doing custom designs and have recently designed a sanitization wardrobe for a leading retail clothing brand. They wanted to that their customers feel safe while trying their merchandise in the store. We created a custom wardrobe to sanitize 10 clothing items simultaneously.

Sources where all it is available in the physical market or online?

We are currently selling online via our own website and amazon. We have tied up with local vendors in with higher demands.


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