Contact Centers redefined using AI and Cloud Telephony


Many changes are brought in the industry due to COVID-19. At the same time, industries evolve to adopt new technologies and helps them to continue the business during this emergency also.

It brings them to switch into cloud telephony in many industries and they also have increased the adoption of conversational AI as there first-line service. This is used in the contact centers to maintain the greater volumes, with easier and better, provides more personalized customer experience with it. By bringing this cloud telephony it had created a great impact in the Indian industry 10 years ago whereas Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cloud contact center space has created a tsunami.

Due to the advancement in AI technology like analytics helped them to develop a smart assistant tool. It is been used as a modern tool in many of the call centers. Recently, an AI-powered speech analytics dashboard for call centers has been developed by them. It is used for analyzing any kind of voice recording by using this AI-based tool. This also has a feature where the manager can check on a real-time basis where the calls have to be made.

Dashboard plays a vital role which provides the customers improved with better service quality and faster addressing of problems. In the marketing sector, they can use this device for assessing the feedback of certain products or campaigns. Overall, the usage of speech analytics provides better services and makes the customer happier.

Similarly, voice bots are also an interface that is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). But they help in both the inbound and outbound call centers to get better results even in multiple ways to the customers. This will help in answering the frequently asked questions, for helping us to get connected with the right agents, acts as an auto-receptionist which has an intelligence, and helps in scheduling or canceling the bookings of the customers.

 Thus, for the outbound call centers, it will use for reminding the past dues, renewals of all kinds of products provide information about the new products and features, and also collects a piece of regular interval information from users and many more. The final step for this cloud communication concerning telephony makes us use a harmonious blend.

 Both humans and AI have to get better efficiency, faster responses and provides us a better agent with customer experience. It is one of the best solutions to be taken care of a truly omnichannel communication. We also have some other new existing solutions in line which will give information on both these areas.


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