Cordelia Cruises Expands Presence with New Office in India’s NCR Region!

Cordelia Cruises Expands Presence with New Office in India’s NCR Region!
Cordelia Cruises Expands Presence with New Office in India’s NCR Region!


1st December: Cordelia Cruises, India’s leading premier cruise line, takes a strategic step towards expanding its footprint with the opening of a new office in Noida. This move is aimed at enhancing accessibility and engagement with cruise enthusiasts in North India, contributing to the broader growth of the cruise industry in the country.


With a legacy of introducing a unique blend of Indian hospitality and top-notch amenities to over 400,000 passengers, Cordelia Cruises has established itself as a frontrunner in the cruise industry. The decision to establish a presence in Noida reflects the company’s commitment to bringing the joy of cruising closer to a wider audience.


The opening of the new office in Noida is a strategic move to tap into the growing market in North India. It will also serve as a hub for engaging with cruise enthusiasts in North India, offering a convenient point of contact for those interested in exploring cruise options. Cordelia Cruises recognizes the potential for growth in the cruise industry in India, particularly in regions like North India hence this is a modest yet strategic step toward contributing to the broader expansion and development of the cruise sector in the country.

As with all Cordelia Cruises initiatives, the expansion into North India is rooted in a commitment to celebrating Indian values and traditions. The company aims to provide passengers with authentic and enriching cruise experiences that reflect the cultural richness of the nation.


“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Noida, a significant step in our ongoing journey to make cruising more accessible to enthusiasts in North India. As we expand our presence, we remain committed to our core values of providing unparalleled hospitality and top-notch amenities. This strategic move reflects our belief in the immense potential of the Indian cruise industry, and we look forward to contributing to its growth while celebrating the diverse cultural tapestry of our nation.”, Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO of Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, Cordelia Cruises.