Coronavirus Impacting Social Business Intelligence Market Applications – Report


COVID-19 has influenced almost all field, areas, and sections of society globally. It has brought various changes to the regulatory framework and micro & macroenvironmental factors surrounding the business. To understand the influence of current trends on Social Business Intelligence market, MRRSE conducted an in-depth analysis of the overall prospects of Social Business Intelligence market in the upcoming years. The report was prepared by collecting data from the key participants in the Social Business Intelligence market value chain and includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of major aspects of the market.

For the analysis, the Social Business Intelligence market is segmented based on region, product type, end-user, and more. The Y-o-Y growth projection of the segments and their sub-segments are studied over a timeframe.

During the study period recently, big data solutions are adopted by organizations to store their huge amounts of unstructured raw data. Bigdata solutions manage this unstructured data and enables the user to manage, store and analyze them efficiently in taking effective decision-making.

For example, Oracle’s Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud Service provides bigdata solutions and helps in lowering any barriers to improving speed for effective decision-making across many organizations.

With the onset of COVID-19 and with a quick shift in adopting cloud services and social business intelligence systems, data security has become a rising concern. With the inability to work on-premises owing to the implementation of shelter-at-place across many countries, demand for cloud-based services has increased as organizations are shifting to remote working. Hence, security breaches and privacy concern over sensitive data are the major challenges faced by cloud solution vendors. These security vulnerabilities have hampered the revenue growth of the global social business intelligence market.

Contentedly, to counter against this negative effect, installation of new enterprise data operating systems over SQL servers would have a positive impact on the global social business intelligence market. BI towards Hadoop is expected to provide growth opportunities.

Recently, in terms of value, the BFSI segment is projected to be an attractive segment in the global social business intelligence market during the forecast period. IT and telecommunication segment are valued at nearly US$ 3 Bn and is expected to grow steadily in terms of revenue throughout the forecast period. Global BI solution vendors are investing in wearable technology and IoT in business.

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