COVID-19 treatment allegations in make-shift or temporary hospital’s


People have always been health conscious and it was just a part of their routine then. But now, in such a rampant pandemic, being healthy has become a need for survival. The Government of India has taken feasible steps to resist the dissemination. Nevertheless, there is still a widespread disease, and here comes the entry of health insurance.

As this lethal virus outspread around the globe the expenditure for medication is being a burden. Health insurance helps to reduce the cost of medical expenses disbursed by an individual for the sake of oneself and their dearest ones. Health insurance is like a derivative to hedge a risk of exposure to communicable diseases. 

After the COVID-19 epidemic, the IRDAI has taken the necessary steps and provided recommendations to insurance providers to ensure a seamless premium payment process for health insurance policyholders. The new recommendations on the resolution of COVID-19 insurance cases at ‘make-shift or emergency clinics’ have been given to insurers.

In its report, IRDAI asserts that it is necessary to consider the make-shift or temporary hospitals allowed by the government to resolve health insurance claims for insurance firm’s insight of a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and in order to leverage the current healthcare programs systems in place.

Thus, in this context and to ensure that the treatment costs of COVID – 19 are protected in compliance with the terms and conditions of the insurance contract, a make-shift or temporary hospital approved by the federal or state government shall be treated as a hospital or network provider and insurers shall resolve the claims in accordance with the following norms:

  1. Where, on the recommendation of a medical practitioner or competent government authority, a policyholder who is diagnosed as Covid-19 positive is admitted to some other make-shift or temporary hospital, ignoring the concept of the hospital stated in the terms and conditions of the policy contract, the costs of care shall be covered by insurers.
  2. Any network provider has built some other make-shift or temporary hospital, other make-shift or temporary hospital shall be treated as the network provider extension, and cashless facilities shall be made available.


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