Crompton reveals the ‘The Secret of Fine Taste’ in its first ever mixer-grinder TVC for its range – Ameo-Neo Mixer Grinder


8th, August 2022, Mumbai: Every food enthusiast knows the detailed process into creating the most scrumptious meal. From understanding the best mixer grinder to delivering a variety of flavors, there’s a very sparkling difference as to how they deal with the finest of details in their culinary experience. Showcasing the fine grinding difference of flavors and taste in the most creative visual way, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., one of India’s leading consumer durable brands, has unveiled its very first TVC for its range of Ameo Neo Mixer Grinders. A humorous yet ingenious multimedia campaign meant for all food lovers, the new film reveals the “The Secret of Fine Taste” with Crompton’s latest mixer grinder that comes with MaxiGrind Technology and offers finer grinding for a convenient and comfortable kitchen experience.

Our love for cooking has allowed us to look at the finer details and meticulously curate a delicious range of dishes. However, others may not be so detailed-oriented in their cooking. It is through such planning do we understand the importance of the finest of grinds that add flavor and taste to make it a wholesome masterpiece. With Indian cuisines being the perfect blend of spices and masalas that are essential for those unique flavors, we hope for a mixer grinder that delivers a flavorsome output and comfortable experience. Unveiling the ‘The Secret of Fine Taste’ with its new innovation –Ameo Neo Mixer Grinders, Crompton’s new TVC focuses on how its mixers are the perfect key when it comes to the finer grinding, elevating any meal into a tasteful dish. Presenting a convenient cooking experience through a split screen filled with visual illuminations, emotions and characters, the brand aims to communicate its unique MaxiGrind Technology offering finer grinding that is perfect for people who live to eat delicious and palatable food!

Talking about the company’s latest campaign, Pragya Bijalwan, CMO – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “We are delighted to launch our very first Ameo Neo Mixer Grinder campaign that unveils the ‘The Secret of Fine Taste’ for all food enthusiasts and home chefs alike. Our goal at Crompton has always been to curate innovations that bridge the gap between consumer insight and convenient consumer experiences. With the latest TVC, we have aimed to package our communication through visual and artful humour to help our consumers relate to their kitchen cooking woes and plug in the transformation that the new-age MaxiGrind Technology can bring into our kitchens to help us cook food, in a more efficient and fun way!”

Capturing the nuances of everyday cooking, the newly launched TVC conceptualized by BBDO demonstrates the approach of 2 characters – the Crompton man and the regular man that represent the very notion of eat to live and live to eat good food. In a split screen, the film shows a humorous cook-off where both of them are grinding various spices and ingredients into their mixer grinders. On one hand the Crompton man is enjoying his meticulous cooking with the Crompton mixer grinder that focuses on creating the perfect blend of the finest spices and the smoothest purees resulting in a tasty dish and a happy cook. On the other hand, the regular man, bound by a gloomy ambience and a sour mood fails to deliver a flavorful outcome leaving behind a trail of grainy textures, a messy kitchen and a dreadful taste. From a disorganized to an organized experience, from a somber demeanor to an exciting attitude, the film emphasizes the difference in kitchens, finest of details and the output from the mixers. By taking fine grinding to a new level, the Crompton man invites the other guy over to his station subtly hinting at Crompton’s Ameo-Neo Mixer Grinder which is his The Secret of Fine Taste as it’s powered by MaxiGrind Technology which gives a much efficient finer grinding.

The 360-degree campaign will be launched on television and will further be amplified through various other mediums of the media.

Link to the TVC –  

Further talking about the latest campaign, Mr. Hemant Shringy, CCO (Chief Creative Officer), BBDO Mumbai said, “When you’re passionate about something, it shows. Like you can see the man on the right in the film is passionate about food and it shows from the precise measurement of the ingredients he picks to the products he chooses. And similarly, you can see Crompton’s passion for innovation with every new product they launch. And for a nation of foodies and the land of masalas, it’s perfect product to experience the finer taste.”


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