D2C Insider Global Selling Summit 2023: A Grand Success in Bengaluru

D2C Insider Global Selling Summit 2023
D2C Insider Global Selling Summit 2023: A Grand Success in Bengaluru

The event proved to be one of the most glittering congregations of the Indian startup community held in the startup capital of the country

Bengaluru, 26th September, 2023: D2C Insider, recently concluded the D2C Insider Global Summit 2023 in Bengaluru. The event marked a significant milestone in the D2C ecosystem and was attended by over 200 industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. It was a fantastic day of insightful discussions, networking, and funding opportunities for the community. The D2C Insider Summit aimed to explore the dynamics of global selling, market expansion, and e-commerce strategies.

Some of the most renowned speakers at the Global Selling Summit included Kanwaljit Singh, Founder and Managing Partner of Fireside Ventures, and Vikas Nahar, Founder of Happilo, among others. The comprehensive schedule of this marquee event included workshops in the morning, a Pitchathon in the afternoon, and in the evening a mixer with panel discussions, networking opportunities, and a delightful cocktail and dinner session.

Commenting on the global selling Summit, Kanwaljit Singh, Founder and Managing Partner of Fireside Ventures said,” Brands need to be very clear on why they want to go global and once they have this clear vision it is easy to sell your products overseas. The mindset for brands has to be to build cluster by cluster and then scale”.

Arjun Vaidya, Co-Founder, V3 Ventures, added ” Offline and online have different strategies altogether, It is important to recognize this aspect before you switch to either of the channels”

Vikas Nahar, Founder, Happilo, said ” For any brand, ensure you provide value to customers. The ‘Why’ your product should be answered by you and should be definitive, this will make it easier for you to sell locally as well as globally “

Speaking about this, Abhishek Shah, Founding Team D2C Insider, said, ” We’ve evolved into the industry’s leading advocate, and our mission is to propel the sector’s global expansion. D2C brands are now actively contributing to the national GDP, creating thousands of jobs, and there’s an even larger global market waiting to be tapped into. We’re convinced that the untapped potential can be unlocked through Insider insights and strategic global selling collaborations.”

Adding further Kshitij Ladia, Founding Team D2C Insider said, “In the dynamic landscape of Indian D2C, where we anticipate a staggering $100 billion valuation by 2025, events like ours are vital. We connect industry stakeholders, fostering collaboration and providing insights into global selling opportunities. Our agenda featured curated workshops, engaging panel discussions, enlightening keynotes, and inspiring fireside chats. The successful pitchathon added tremendous value. Following Summits in Delhi and Mumbai, we’re thrilled to bring this to Bengaluru, confident that we’ll drive meaningful contributions to India’s D2C economy, especially in terms of global expansion.”

The Global Selling Summit was hosted by D2C Insider, the largest community of carefully curated founders and CXOs from the D2C (direct-to-consumer) ecosystem in India. With over 5000 brand founders, 500+ enabler founders, and 500+ investors, D2C Insider has become one of the most defining communities in the startup world since its inception in 2019.

Shruti Agarwal, Founding Team, D2C Insider said, “As a D2C brand navigating the global market, I recognize the rapid growth of the Indian D2C ecosystem. It’s crucial to foster collaborations, exchange knowledge, secure funding support, and build a closely-knit D2C community. This is where we hosted highly impactful workshops on global selling topics like enhancing content marketing, boosting conversions, and ensuring customer satisfaction in this year’s Summit”

The D2C Insider Global Selling Summit 2023 underscored the growing importance of the Indian D2C ecosystem, and the commitment of D2C Insider to facilitate meaningful connections and knowledge sharing among its members. This landmark event exemplified the organization’s mission to empower entrepreneurs and drive innovation in the D2C space.