Dabur enters Diversification with the Healthy Snacking market


Dabur India Ltd, India’s largest natural health care company, has expanded its Réal portfolio with the development of a line of healthy snacks under the Superfoods Seeds category.

Dabur’s launch into the Healthy Snacking industry, which includes ‘Real Health Chia Seeds’ and ‘Réal Health Pumpkin Seeds,’ symbolizes the company’s entry into the market and provides consumers with a better supplement for their daily diet. 

Mr. Mayank Kumar, Marketing Head-Foods & Beverages, Dabur India Ltd, said in a statement announcing the introduction, “With the increased health consciousness in India, consumers are seeking healthy, flavourful snacks to fuel their busy lifestyle.” New-age customers are increasingly flocking toward health-oriented snacking options rather than strictly taste-based nibbles. 

Brand Réal has been committed to combining health and taste since its inception, and to keeping our real promise of providing healthy products to our customers. We are now providing consumers with a healthier and tastier option for their ever-expanding snack platter with the launch of the Réal Health Seeds portfolio, which will also upgrade their whole snacking experience.” 

Réal Chia Seeds will be sold in their natural state in a 250gm SKU for Rs. 300, and Réal Pumpkin Seeds will be sold in a roasted variant in a 250gm SKU for Rs. 380. The product is currently accessible online through top e-commerce platforms and will soon be available through other distribution methods. 

As per Company, Réal Seeds are a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is a heart-healthy fatty acid that contains no trans fat nor cholesterol. The brand will educate consumers on how to use these seeds in everyday dishes such as soups, salads, smoothies, and nut mixes, as well as the health advantages of these seeds, through a series of web videos and digital advertisements.

Mr. Kumar stated that Réal Seeds will help to meet the mid-meal snacking cravings without forcing consumers to choose between delicious and nutritious. 

With the addition of the Health Market to its portfolio, Dabur is poised to expand its market penetration and reach new heights.

Dabur is undoubtedly here to remain among the competition with their strategy in the Diversified business, with the new product and new market. 

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