Fastrack spends digital and traditional advertisements by Maurya


Fastrack recently launched its first smartwatch ‘Reflex Vox’ that boats distinct characters such as an in-built Alexa and SPO2 monitor. 

The Tata group company introduced a project called ‘Fash-Tech’ brand integrates tech and fashion into the wearables & herbals and now seeks to participate with the international players like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi that continue to preside the smartwatch segment. Ajay Maurya, Head of Marketing, Fastrack, to understand the challenges of the sector, the future of analog watches, and his plans to take the brand ahead. 

After a stable decrease during the pandemic, the smart band segment has bounced back and seen 9.9% growth as per the latest IDC report of Q3. Technology has seen disordered due to the pandemic hits, the saturation of oxygen (SPO2) monitors became very important. Disruptions happen now and then; new technologies come up and are attracted by the consumers.

Hope that the first smartwatch-‘Reflex Vox’-will create space in the market with its unique and relevant features such as built-in “Alexa”, which will interact and communicate its response in the form of text messages on the watch screen of 1.69 inches.

It has many other features such as an SPO2 monitor, more than 100 watch faces, 10 days of battery life, heart rate monitor among others.

Apple and Samsung play in the important segment while boAt is in the economy section with less than Rs 4,000 price band. Fast track smartwatch is priced at Rs 6,995 which is available at Rs 4,995 in the inaugural offer. Smartwatch is a mass-market dissected around various prices. Fastrack’s advertisements released 8-9 years ago that talked about the LGBT community.

Many brands are taking a disordered stand today against unconventional things. The battlefield has changed today and brand stories are being discussed on social media in a big way. Fastrack has always taken a stand over problems that are close to Indian youth.

Maurya concluded by saying, “Our promotions have encouraged Indian youth to express themselves. Youth are concerned about their inability to express themselves freely. Our promotions try to address those fears with witty takes. Fastrack has been truly associated with youth tensions since the beginning. We are not doing such campaigns just for the cause of it”.

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