DaMENSCH launches #SupportDaMEN campaign on men’s mental health, in partnership with BetterLyf

DaMENSCH launches #SupportDaMEN campaign on men’s mental health, in partnership with BetterLyf
DaMENSCH launches #SupportDaMEN campaign on men’s mental health, in partnership with BetterLyf

New Delhi, 22 November 2023: India’s fastest growing D2C essential menswear brand DaMENSCH has launched a brand-new campaign addressing an issue often shrouded in silence and ignorance, mental health among men. The week-long campaign, kickstarted on the International Men’s Day, brings into light the fact that most men are taught to put up a brave face and bottle up their true feelings, even though talking about the same can help significantly. Referring to a World Health Organization (WHO) report claiming that nearly 5,23,883 men committed suicide in 2019 due to reasons often tracing back to mental health, DaMENSCH released a campaign video portraying how men hide their true feelings in a bid to appear strong before the world.

“Stats suggest that there is a compelling need for men to come out of the shackles of inhibitions and be vocal about their true feelings, which often get overshadowed by the façade of being ‘strong’. It is equally important for those around them to understand their perspectives and challenges. While we await that change, it’s high time we were mindful about ourselves and our loved ones, by putting an effort to hear the unsaid. #SupportDaMEN is a call for a helping hand that can make a drastic difference in each man’s life,” said DaMENSCH co-founders Anurag Saboo and Gaurav Pushkar on the launch of the initiative, referring to it as a week full of breaking stigmas, learning to speak up and embracing vulnerability.

DaMENSCH, a homegrown brand changing the perception around men’s essential wear, has also partnered with virtual therapy provider BetterLyf as part of the #SupportDaMEN campaign. The partnership would facilitate virtual therapy for men seeking assistance and expert guidance with respect to their mental health concerns. A live session on Instagram is also scheduled later this week to reach out to and establish a connect with those seeking mental wellness, or those with questions related to mental health issues.

Varun Handa, Founder, BetterLyf said, “Men’s mental health usually remains unaddressed owing to the social stigmas and also lack of self-realization or awareness. While the foremost step is to acknowledge the existence of mental health concerns, the real strength lies in understanding and seeking help. We are proud to join forces with DaMENSCH to trigger conversation around men’s mental health, and are committed to making a significant difference in this regard.”

The latest initiative by DaMENSCH, India’s fastest innerwear-first brand to cross Rs 100 crore mark and the only in the segment with 25 exclusive retail outlets, comes almost two months after the brand launched the month-long #SoSoft campaign. The aim of the campaign was to encourage men to embrace their vulnerability, emotions, and thus their soft side. Instead of being preachy, the campaign was designed with a touch of fun and humour.