Data Analytics and the future of businesses


Data is currency. In today’s word due to the spread of internet and IOT based devices the amount of data that is being produced is very large.

Now a plethora of data is being produced every second. This data is now what drives profits in organizations. Whenever we use the internet we are producing a paper trail of digital information that is stored using cookies. Now this information can be used by organizations to understand how we operate, our preferences etc. In short they will be able to understand what product and what service presented to us in which manner will have more probability that it will get bought or used by us.

The Importance of Data Analytics

We are now seeing an increased trend in organizations hiring data scientist and also an uptick in people learning big data. All of this points to the fact that data analytics is becoming increasingly important and has now become the area where most of the employees are trying to shift to. The importance of data analytics can be understood by how data can be used for the betterment of the company. Now as everything is increasingly connected data is being produced. Now we have to understand that there are data that is actually important and data that is un-important. Now how does one determine the difference between the two? This is where data analytics comes to the rescue. By taking previous data of the organization where it is already sorted, data scientists can now use that as a reference to comb through a large amount of data in a short amount of time. They can also use the tools which are available like R program etc to make simulations or predictions where they can predict certain trends.

Visualization of the given data

Big data analytics can use the data that is already processed for visualization. This Visualization can be done using data visualization tools like tableau, Google charts etc. This visualization is not possible with the raw amount of data that is being collected by the organization everyday but by the already organized and processed data. This is only possible through big data analytics. Hence by using big data and the appropriate visualization tools we can ensure that important data can be processed and presented efficiently.


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