DDB Mudra Group promotes employee-friendly initiatives


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, DDB Mudra Group has concentrated its energies on the health of its employees and the society at large. The organization is not only seeking to implement employee-friendly policies daily, but it is also attempting to ensure that the campaigns it produces are capable of bringing about meaningful social change.

Aditya Kanthy, CEO and MD of DDB Mudra Group, said that the first and most important thing is to ensure that everyone is clear about what they are prioritizing right now. The only thing that matters is the health of our people, their families, and the environment. And that they’re doing everything they can as a company to get through this difficult period.

He said that campaigns like McDonald’s’ #EatEqual and their work for Meesho were the most important to him in terms of spreading a positive message. He also said that they believe McDonald’s EatQual campaign is beneficial to the planet. In addition to their work with Meesho, a fantastic company that is empowering women entrepreneurs all over the world. It’s extremely inspiring, On the issue of gender and sexuality.

All of this excellent work, Kanthy claims, has been made possible by the hard work that all of the employees have put in when coping with external adversity. He also stated that their teams are going to great lengths to assist one another during this crisis.

As a result, the company has been churning out employee-friendly programs to help them cope with the crisis, such as a 4-day work week in May, flexible and shortened working hours, mental health counseling, comprehensive medical care, flexible leave plans, and a stronger work-life balance.

Meeting times have also been set, and lunch hours have been blocked in each employee’s calendar so that no meetings or phone calls can be held during that period.

Rita Verma, EVP and Head of HR at DDB Mudra Group, stressed the importance of acknowledging that workplace stress is a problem in the advertising industry. She mentioned that they began their efforts to improve our people’s mental health in early 2019 before the pandemic by taking onboard India’s leading Employee Assistance Provider. Last year, policies such as mandatory leave and tools like Asana and Weekend Trackers were implemented to increase efficiency and protect time.

In addition, the Group has agreed to cover the expenses of vaccinations for its workers and their immediate family members. This benefit is available to 610 DDB Mudra Group employees and their family members/dependents. Additionally, all workers who are eligible for vaccination will be permitted to take time off on the day of vaccination.

DDB Mudra Group was named to the India Workplace Equality Index (IWEI) list of top employers 2020 for its effort to foster LGBTQIA+ community understanding, acceptance, and advocacy. 

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