India’s most & loved Artisan Bakery Brand The Baker’s Dozen launches ‘The Dose We Knead’ as a campaign to support India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive


12th May 2021, India: In keeping with their duty as essential food service providers, nationally acclaimed artisanal bakery brand The Baker’s Dozen has conceptualized ‘The Dose We Knead’ as a campaign to lift people’s spirits and support the vaccination efforts by the government.  As part of this campaign, the brand will appreciate and reward vaccinated individuals with a generous gift of freshly baked cookies specially curated by its Head Baker and Co-Founder, Ms. Aditi Handa.

A tiny yet unique way to do their bit for the community, The Baker’s Dozen aims to put their social media and product distribution channels to good use by motivating all its customers to act responsibly and vaccinate – as is the need of the hour for the country as a whole. 

Co-Founder and Head Baker Ms. Aditi Handa comments, “With the second wave of Covid-19 worsening every day, it is essential to do our bit to support the government’s efforts on the vaccination drive. That being said, our objective is to encourage our customers to take the jab in spite of all the needless rumors on the immunization drive. We may not realize, but taking the vaccine on a timely basis itself is a great collective effort to curtail the spread of this year-long global pandemic. Besides, even a little hope, cheer and joy spread amongst consumers through our freshly baked goodies will make #TheDoseWeKnead a successful campaign”.

Live on 12th May 2021 via Instagram and Facebook, #TheDoseWeKnead will encourage every Indian above the age of 18 to vaccinate by offering a small reward for their bravery. 

Details as below:

●      Things that will be required to sign up: Name, Address, and Vaccination certificate.

●      How will this help the end result: The aforementioned details will be instantly verified by the brand’s text-matching software, and their authentication will be checked by a special team at The Baker’s Dozen that is solely dedicated to this cause. Post verification, this team will dispatch a pack of ‘feel good’ cookies to every verified individual, within a period of 5-10 business days.

●      Tracking responsibility: The top of The Dose We Knead’slanding page will also constantly keep displaying the number of submitted entries (or Bravehearts as we like to call them), so that others may also feel inspired and inclined to book their vaccination slot immediately.

You can visit the link here:

About The Baker’s Dozen: The Baker’s Dozen is a hand-crafted artisan bakery brand that uses only the most authentic ingredients, processes and love! The essence of The Baker’s Dozen is that it is led by the bakers who are passionate about the craft of baking. They bake for the joy of baking, and share that joy with you. Each bread, each cake is special, baked with love and attention almost as if it were baked in your own oven! That’s also the reason why they are different from everybody else. No two loaves might look exactly the same. Just like no two pieces of art when made by hand are ever exactly the same.


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