Deep dive into homes and hearts with Season 7 of ‘Asian Paints Where the Heart Is’

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is - S07
Asian Paints Where The Heart Is - S07


New season shares richer design stories as personalities transform to interior design experts offering insights into their home journeys



Mumbai, December 01, 2023 – Home, where we create our most cherished memories, where the laughter of loved ones fills the air, and where we discover comfort and solace, is the place where the heart truly resides. Capturing this deep bond Asian Paints is back with the new season of its beloved original home décor digital series, ‘Asian Paints Where the Heart Is.’ The series will once again take audiences on a captivating journey through the homes of celebrated personalities who have opened not only their doors, but also their hearts to offer a glimpse into their world. Viewers can watch the new season on Asian Paints’ digital platforms as well as on leading OTT platform, Jio Cinema.

Season 7 brings a wealth of home décor inspiration to audiences through captivating personal stories shared by admired celebrities. In this season, prominent personalities like Janhvi Kapoor, Karan Johar, Sania Mirza, Sunil Grover, Falguni & Shane Peacock and Harbhajan Singh have warmly opened their homes, offering viewers the opportunity to discover their design ideas and gather décor inspiration that have shaped their living spaces. The episodes also delve into the significance of relationships and what ‘home’ means to them.

All the episodes of Season 7 are live and can be viewed on:

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The new season introduces interesting new elements to make the series even more enriching for audiences. This time, each celebrity steps into the role of a decor expert, adeptly guiding viewers through every aspect of their homes. They unveil design elements that make their spaces unique, sharing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind their décor choices. This provides viewers with richer décor insights into celebrity homes and a deep understanding of what makes their homes special to them. From prominent design features like furniture and color palettes to subtler details, such as the flowers evoking childhood memories or the warm embrace of light, the celebrities walk audiences through every facet of their living spaces.

This season also highlights the emotional connection people share with their homes. It showcases the power of empathetic décor with celebrities sharing their choices, such as selecting a soothing colour palette, choosing comfortable and cozy furniture, and incorporating personal elements such as photographs or meaningful artwork. Season 7 brings to light stories about creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emotionally nurturing and supportive to the people who live in them. It captures the warm, lived-in spaces of the celebrities’ home, where every corner has a story to tell.

To further enhance the viewer experience and provide them with a seamless way to recreate the celebrity-inspired look in their own homes, Season 7 introduces convenient style guides in each episode. In this special segment, celebrities break down the décor elements in their homes, offering viewers a close-up view of the unique details that define their spaces. This engaging segment directs viewers to, Asian Paints’ comprehensive decor services platform, offering a wide range of home and décor items. Here, viewers can easily find inspiration from the show and effortlessly replicate a similar aesthetic in their own living spaces.

Commenting on the new season, Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited, said, “Asian Paints Where the Heart Is’ moves into the 7th season, it continues to give wings to the emotional equity of our corporate ethos – “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai”. We take viewers on inspiring home tours where their favourite celebrities take them through the process of putting different parts of the puzzle together to form their idea of a home that is both emotionally and stylistically impactful. This year, we will be amplifying our reach across the digital video and social platforms – while the series continues to rest on YouTube, we will also be leveraging the OTT viewership via our partnership with Jio Cinema. The season also integrates the “Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints” ecosystem in a stronger way via meaningful integrations through the content.


Our show has not only sparked a deep-seated love for home decor but has also been a guiding light, helping people truly understand the art of interior design and recognise the value of their homes. We firmly believe that our homes are a reflection of who we are, and they deserve to be celebrated. I am delighted to have some of the industry’s top personalities graciously open their homes, sharing their personal design stories and the significance of a place they call “Home”. This series continues to bring joy & inspiration for the end consumer via this soothing content that has a universal appeal.”


Sharing his perspective on the fresh season, Joshua Karthik, Co-Founder, Stories in Motionsaid “In its seventh season, ‘Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’ continues to be that rare and beautiful window into the idea of a ‘home’. This year, the depth of feeling that our stunning cast holds for their homes finds perfect articulation in the show: their roots, their loves, their longing, and their celebration of family. And more so than ever before, this set of episodes is a reminder from Asian Paints that a home is what you make of it.”