Demand for virtual conferences increases during covid-19 outbreak


Change has never been easy but let’s learn to love and embrace this new change!!!

This year 2020 has been a year of showering of least expected things over us. Not all things went as planned when the set about of this pandemic COVID-19 began. All the preplanned physical meetings and conferences along with all other days to day activities had to be cancelled due to this impossible situation that the entire beings of mother earth started facing. One would think that it’s when all hell broke loose but indeed it was quite the opposite. With all people around the world starting to reconsider large people gatherings and started staying indoors for their own and others safety, virtual conferences like webinars or panel livestreams started going viral with flying colours.

But adjusting to this weird situation is a not so very an easy task, as the normal physical conferences were a platinum highway for exchanging new bright full ideas and professional relationships to strengthen. “Sure, the expenses would be high on the budget for travelling, but those little talks at the coffee break in the breakout sessions when we the attendees would bump into each other were always priceless as new ideas pop up then and there hearing them out”, says the source.

When this cannot be met by the virtual conferences as they would lack the intimacy one would have in physical conferences still do have perks to them. Because of this lockdown around the world and almost everything being made digital or virtual like colleges, schools, and especially conferences, which has given ample access for everyone who desires to join workshops or conferences happening around the world by just paying the registration fee and without the need of bearing travelling expenses. This gives chances to even learning students and scientists from developing countries who wouldn’t be normally able to afford travel expenses but now are engaging themselves in such virtual conferences to gain knowledge.

Even though this has given birth to new advantages it still lacks in some areas the regular attenders of the physical conference feel this, for e.g. Technical glitches like audio, video problems and the lack of intimacy that the speaker would miss when he is addressing, and feedback issues.

But all these low tides could be made well in time and with some adjustments. The weird vibe now, would all settle down and become the new normal making it all the better and its to be wanted by most that this also is in the future along with the physical conferences so that it would advantage many.


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