Dettol’s new laundry sanitizer: part of a regular laundry routine


As public awareness of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 grew, so did the number of laundry items aimed at providing an extra layer of protection against bacteria and viruses.

When the pandemic broke out, sanitizers became scarce, and demand for hand soap and liquids skyrocketed. Even though the supply has been stored up almost seven months after the pandemic, demand remains strong.

COVID has taken us back to basics, as sanitization, sanitation, and social distancing are our best bets for avoiding the virus before a vaccine is tested and ready for distribution. With hundreds of millions of people in lockdown or attempting to return to a “new standard” around the world, household care and laundry items are in high demand. As we seek to protect ourselves and our families, cleaning and disinfecting our homes and clothing has become a top priority.

According to Statista, the laundry care segment in India will generate $4,455 million in revenue in 2021. There are a variety of detergents available in bar and liquid form. Fabric softeners and conditioners are available. You’ve got stain removers, starches, bleaches… it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Dettol’s latest advertisements, which show their laundry sanitizer as part of a daily laundry routine, are aimed at this demographic. The two commercials, which are set in a pre-pandemic scenario, demonstrate how disease-causing germs were already present. They also demonstrate how the threat of disease-causing germs has always been there.

The brand’s drive for its laundry sanitizer to become a part of the daily laundry routine is also intriguing in these two commercials. It’s not something you’d think of because illness-causing germs and bacteria are on everyone’s minds these days.

The first commercial for the brand’s laundry sanitizer was published in March of this year (2021), and it said that it “protects your clothes from germs that cause illness… It only takes two capfuls after the detergent to finish the job.”

Dettol’s laundry sanitizer commercial had then been aired at a time when the segment was cluttered rather than tidy. Today Dettol’s launch comes at a time when the laundry category in India is flooded with items such as fabric softener, conditioner, stain remover, starch, bleach, and so on.

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