Nissan Magnite brings a new tool ‘Track My Car’ that will help in finding your SUV


Nissan brings a new feature in their service to touch with a massive achievement, by boosting in their effort that the company needed. Now, the wait comes to reduce by lengthening to near four months which was earlier eight months. Nissan India has adjoined additional one change will helping to produce the Magnite in a speedy way to serve these pending orders in a short period.

 This is great news for all the people who want to book a new Nissan Magnite by commenced a new service tool ‘Track my Car’ through which we can find the current status of your car.

Now, the question arises here how does it work? This will help the futuristic owner by they can command from the booking receipt number and it will show you details. Second thing is, the customer has already an alternative available on the Nissan India website, which they can access at any point in time, that’s why the tracking feature is being updated with a new menu. When we will open once and search at that time, it will show the result soon, one can track the approximate time of arrival of the car.

Talking about more features which have been added in this. It will provide a tracking tool to the customer on a monthly cycle basis, if their vehicle has accomplished the contract of the dealership and reached the destination or if you are not available at this point of time, you appointed someone else to receive the delivery of the car, this facility will also available. But, you won’t available this facility by which you can track, what is the source being used to deliver either on truck trailer bed or any else. Nevertheless, what Nissan has done should have been started right from the time the waiting periods for the Magnite increased. It will give a guarantee to that customer who feels sure their car may be delivered to the other party.

As per the statement of MD of RNAIPL, Biju Balendran, he had said a few months ago, the process of production is proceeding normally.  

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