“Fireside”- The new Clubhouse model audio-only social media platform


The short-video platform commonly known as ‘Tik-Tok clone’, Chingari’s founders recently unveiled their latest mobile application, for iOS and Android users. “Fireside” is an audio-only social media platform similar to Clubhouse. The platform is co-founded by Sumit Ghosh and Aditya Kothari.

The announcement has been made following Facebook’s take on Clubhouse through the launch of ‘Live Audio Rooms’ for Android users. With new audio-only social media platforms like “Fireside” and “Live Audio Rooms” emerging in the market by extending their service to Android users as well. The head-on competition leaves ‘Clubhouse’ in a tight spot.

Fireside facilitates users to listen to the voice of their loved ones. The app fosters human interaction and connection, and thereby bridges emotional gaps which have created a dent in relationships, imbued by the uncertainty and isolation, the ongoing pandemic has brought.

Fireside is tailormade to suit the local needs and sensibilities of the Indian market. Laying focus on building rich communities, the application enables users to create clubs and groups. The egalitarian social media platform aims to bring the diverse Indian community together by ensuring that the voice of every Indian who participates is heard.

Being an only audio-based platform, the minimally literate can also join Fireside and be part of a community that comes together to share and discuss common issues and topics of interest. “With Fireside, even those who are minimally literate, can open their ideas up for the world to hear,” says Fireside Co-Founder, Aditya Kothari.

Fireside connects people through sound, by offering a virtual room where like-minded people can nurture their creativity by engaging in long and meaningful conversation. With the facility to have open and closed rooms, Fireside creates a safer space for communities to break barriers and get talking.

The audio-only platform, Fireside takes the next big leap in online human conversation interaction by amalgamating entertainment and socialisation with a personal touch. Fireside ensures constant engagement to amplify urgent messages allowing users to stay up to date in the area of their niche interest.

The platform hosts sessions that can range from workshops, discussions, debates, quizzes, educational talks, fan fiction, post-match sports review or just a casual conversation among friends from all across the country. Fireside aims to be a perfect outlet for whoever wishes to speak and listen.

To quickly dispense important information on Covid, Fireside hosts exclusive Covid helpline rooms. “We have 24*7 Covid helpline rooms on Fireside where folks can drop in and relay their requests and questions,” said, Fireside Co-Founder, Sumit Ghosh.

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