‘Dhamaka’ on Netflix, ‘The Wheel of Time’ on Prime Video dominate OOH


Amazon Prime Video debuted a 3D Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) campaign in London last week to promote ‘The Wheel Of Time’, the company’s latest fantasy series.

The ad provoked a lot of debate and was a huge success all around the world. To promote the series, the OTT platform has been active in its use of outdoor advertising, even in India.

For example, billboards and hoardings may be found all around Mumbai, as can Netflix’s newest offering, Dhamaka. Dhamaka, Netflix India’s most recent film, is being heavily marketed across all media platforms.

To promote the film, Netflix has deployed digital out-of-home advertising. While both things are unique in their own right, the significance of time cannot be overlooked. Dhamaka, for example, is a feature film directed by Ram Madhvani.

It’s a remake of the 2013 horror film The Terror Live. The picture was scheduled to be released in theatres, but the producers chose to put it on Netflix early this year as a direct-to-digital release. The Wheel Of Time, on the other hand, is a fantasy series available on Amazon Prime Video.

On November 19, 2021, the first season was premiered on Prime Video, with the first three episodes currently available. Until December 24, 2021, the remaining five episodes will show every week.

The sector surged dramatically around Diwali, according to a former COO of a well-known out-of-home advertising agency. “We had a fantastic Christmas season, and the celebrations lasted well into Diwali.” “There are many people at the market, and it’s crowded.”

He also said that the industry experienced a slower period during the shutdown, which was slightly better than the 2020 lockout period. “Due to severe limitations, we were unable to travel in the metros, but we were permitted to go in the smaller towns.”

OTT players provided several things for businesses that used OOH platforms, according to Aman Nanda, Chief Strategy Officer, Times OOH. At the time, there was a lot of focus on subscription packages, but today it’s all about their upcoming web series and films.

“They’re marketing upcoming episodes or films, which is an ongoing process because the platforms release new series or films every three weeks.” This has become “a new normal” as a result of the increased competitiveness fashion.”

The section, according to Nanda, will spend more money in the future. “I’d like to think that as the user bases of these OTT platforms increase, so will spending in this area,” he continued.

“The OOH market had a terrific Christmas season,” he continued, “and we’re seeing positive patterns in November as well.” October’s income was nearly double that of September because people had started to leave. Advertisements were also prevalent since airports, roadways, and metro stations are all heavily busy.”

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