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DiagRight, a Gurugram-based health-tech startup, has made a splash in the market by releasing a new video film called “DiagHero” on its own YouTube channel. The movie emphasises the importance of a phlebotomist in the healthcare field. A phlebotomist is someone who works in medical offices, clinics, and laboratories to help medical laboratory technologists, doctors, and nurses with the blood collection process. They’ve tried to portray the phlebotomist as a real-life hero because he works tirelessly and responsibly to protect the lives of many patients. In addition, the video stresses the filmmaker’s love, sorrow, and dedication to his or her vocation to forge a distinct identity for oneself. They deserve to be recognised as a hero in society for their significant contribution to the diagnostic field. The main character in the film is a proud father and a phlebotomist, whose everyday activities are narrated to a home tutor by her daughter. DiagRight’s technique for collecting blood samples at home is also very well detailed. 

“DiagHeroes is a unique concept where we have tried to highlight the role of phlebotomists and paramedics play in the entire healthcare ecosystem so that they feel dignified and proud, and get appreciation and recognition in the society,” Puneet Sharma, DiagRight’s Co-founder and COO (Chief Operating Officer), said. To become a phlebotomist and take blood from people’s veins, a person must put in a lot of effort in terms of education, training, attention to detail, and dedication. As a result, becoming a phlebotomist and contributing to society on the front lines is equal to becoming a HERO.” 

“With this short video clip, we want to honour the careful, yet the underappreciated job is done by the paramedic community and assist them to carve out a niche for themselves,” Asit, DiagRight’s co-founder and CEO, stated. They perform graveyard shifts without breaking a sweat, greet patients with a smile, attend to their needs with the utmost care, and assist them in receiving their diagnoses on time. This kind of commitment and rigour ought to be admired. We are pleased to call ourselves DIAGHEROES.” 

The video film depicts a phlebotomist’s work and home life. They play a crucial role in the diagnostic healthcare system. DiagRight’s product, which is being developed for these paramedics, is causing a revolution in the healthcare industry. The video will undoubtedly increase the confidence of the phlebotomist community by instilling pride in their profession, as well as inspiring individuals to choose phlebotomy as a career option. 

DiagRight intends to standardise physical healthcare infrastructure delivery at the final mile, lowering the risk of pre-analytical errors. The start-up provides pathology services by establishing a standard and convenient ecosystem. The organisation has over 35000+ phlebotomists and paramedics on its platform and has worked with over 1500 labs across India to provide services, including well-known labs like Dr Lal Path labs, Metropolis, Pathkind, and Neuberg diagnostics, and others. 

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