Difference between Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


Data science and artificial intelligence are two technologies that are changing the world. Although artificial intelligence is driving data science activities, data science is not entirely dependent on it.

Data science is leading the fourth Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, people generate huge amounts of data every day, and data science offers companies a way to use this available data. Our society is now so data-centric that every important decision is a data-driven calculation. Data science is a combination of mathematics, statistics and programming. It helps data scientists identify patterns in piles of data.

A data scientist must have the appropriate skills to extract, manipulate, visualize, and store data to predict future events. Data science also requires machine learning algorithms, leading to the use of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence makes machines smart. This technology is inspired by the natural intelligence of humans and works through algorithms that perform automatic actions. These functions replicate human behavior and perform the task.

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

1) Artificial intelligence and Data science can work with conflicting goals. But modern artificial intelligence or narrow artificial intelligence used in today’s world does not have full autonomy and consciousness like humans.

  1. Data science is the analysis and study of data, and a data scientist is responsible for extracting information that helps businesses make decisions. By definition, there is a difference between the role of an AI scientist and a data scientist.
  2. For data scientists, AI is a tool that helps them perform data analysis. The need for AI varies depending on the business needs. Data science jobs require knowledge of ML languages, such as R and Python, to perform various data operations and data science experience.
  3. Various tools are used in data science in addition to artificial intelligence. Data science involves various steps to analyze the data and generate conclusions.
  4. Models in data science are created to obtain statistical information while artificial intelligence is used to create models that mimic human cognition and understanding.

Artificial intelligence is a vast field that is still in its infancy. Although machine learning and deep learning technologies are used for some functions in the field of data science, the field of employment of a data scientist is very different from that of an engineer or scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. AI requires a high degree of scientific processing compared to computer science.

Tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook are competing in developing AI to power autonomous systems. Google’s AlphaGo is the most popular example. Modern industries need both data science and artificial intelligence. Data science will help them make data-driven decisions and evaluate their performance in the market, and artificial intelligence will help industries work with smarter devices and software that will minimize workload and streamline all processes to improve innovation.

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