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ComScore, recently announced that it is launching its plan Metrix Multi-Platform product within the Indian market. ComScore is a currency partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across various platforms. This platform is a Major advancement in ComScore psychographic digital media planning tool. 

This platform provides a complete view of consumer digital video consumption across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and OTT devices.  Using digital-exclusive and TV-comparable GRP metrics, the video content and advertising will be strategically planned and bought across the platforms.

The Video Metrix platform offers unique, person-level audience measurement across the digital media content and ads, engagement, and demographic composition.

Holistic view across the devices which gains the complete view of the audience’s video utilization with complete coverage of the desktop, mobile, and OTT ecosystem.

This platform provides the solution by combining consumer behavior with detailed information about their lifestyles, interests, attitudes, and demographics for the unified digital view.

Also, by Controlling the overall view of consumer behavior, marketers can generate stronger multi-platforms, and identifying advanced audience segments, and reaching them through various platforms to receive better ROI.

The key benefit is, planning Smarter multi-platform video campaigns by understanding the overall scale of digital users across all screens, including OTT. Identifying best video properties. ComScore’s initiate is to boost the merchandise offering by radically expanding the availability and utility of advanced audience segments in its product.

We can see a rise in demand for audience descriptors for use in media planning and buying. Plan Metrix will always give valuable intelligence about the audiences and now this newly defined desktop and mobile provide insights that are even better aligned.

This Plan Metrix reports different attributes across a variety of interests, activities, including automotive, beauty, electronics, financial, food, health, home, living, travel, and more.

Plan Metrix taps into ComScore’s strategic partnership with Kantar that enables both companies to supply an enhanced digital media planning services to clients.

Puneet Avasthi, Director, Specialist Business, Insights Division at Kantar, said, Audiences are moving towards the digital medium, and has become crucial for the brands to enlarge their online target, to reach the correct audiences. Kantars NICS offers unmatched profiling of audience segments on demographic lifestyle and product usage characteristics.

Both kantar and ComScore have move together and created a data fusion-based product that combines Kantar’s NICS and ComScore’s MMX multi-platform to provide a holistic view of digital audiences.

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