Effect of Covid-19 on the education sector of 2020-21


In recent times this change in the education sector has also started enlarging it. And there’s a lot of digital platforms for education. According to the figures published by the ministry of education, around 33 crore students have been pursuing their classes with the aid of digital and online radio. The internet provisions of things of modernity had pointed out about distance learning but several one per cent of the people would have seen its execution.

Before the pandemic in the morning, children are starting their days by massaging their eyes and getting everything ready and going to school. But in the year 2020 the forecast of the past hundred years. And There’s nothing more usual than this in the current situation. From simple education to higher education, it is moving on for the last 1 year. The pandemic incorporated new words like quarantine, social distancing and isolation. Appropriately people put up no outing boards on all the outlets. This situation is the initial incident in modern world history because when parents are questioning their children not to visit away from a mobile or any other gadgets. Because nowadays it is impossible to educate without mobile and internet. That every class, even exams, are being managed online. Results from the internet have come to light as the highest medium of education in 2020-21. Even when these circumstances become normal in the coming days these procedures of teaching are still ongoing to a large extent.

Then the major initiatives like PM- E-Vidya are taking to students of the country. Accompanying this other programs like Diksha, Swayamprabha, IIT Pal, Shikshavani Podcast, Sign Language also emerged. And through digital education, the unacademy, gradeup, Byju comes amid the people at high extent. Also, it is a technological emergence in the area of education because students from remote areas are learning like a student studying in Hitech place. All these evolutions are great but it is not compared with the physical school and classroom.

However it gives equal opportunity to all, it has been away from traditional methods in terms of standards. Because the instant outbreak of covid 19 in 2020 didn’t provide the gap for technological enhancement and the internet. So education in 2020-21 has been miles away from the reach of rural India and it is not practical also. And taking the estimates as of 30 September 2020 around 1.077 billion students have been impacted due to the Pandemic. And globally 61.6% of the population have been impacted due to lockdown according to UNICEF.

The major problem of gender discrimination also leads to a low level of education in 2020 and 21. And nowadays in the Indian context, a dimension is made between providing mobile and gadgets to boys and girls. Its highly impact being seen on the education percentage of girls. So nowadays there are now options for this. 

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