Motivator catches media mandate as RummyCulture


Motivator, the full-service media agency of GroupM, has caught the media instruction for RummyCulture. The agency noted that the mandate contains directing the brand’s traditional and digital media responsibilities together with media strategy and planning,  media activation, and content, media investment.

The Motivator achieved the mandate pole an extensive multi-agency tone. And the account will be controlled from their Gurugram office. In the association, Mausumi Kar, the managing director of Motivator pointed out that it is a pleasing time for them to mate with a new-age business entity enacted as regards giving fair and assured gaming to its players. The online gaming sector is an arising sector in our economy and has grown jumps and springs in the last few years. And they are seeking ahead to attaching value to RummyCulture and giving assistance to their growth momentum in the months to occur. 

As per the points by Amit Kushwaha who is heading the brand strategy in GamesKraft Technologies, what oscillated the mandate was the data-driven attitude and the group grasping that Motivator showcased during the frequency. Then he further stated that by existing as a digital-first and data-driven entity, they always needed a partner who could recognize the various forms of data and grip it for marketing campaigns. Motivator has displayed great ability to leverage and ascribes these to campaign shows and that guide to this partnership. And they are looking forward to incorporating their marketing master plans with their component-based campaign approach.

Alongside the growth encouragement in the gaming sector in the last few years, they see a specific and faster growth way of brands like RummyCulture. Motivators, with their data, digital and content structure for emerging brands, discerns a great fit with RummyCulture. Then looking forward to joining with them in this phase of intensive growth, which is pointed out by Aman Kochhar the managing partner- North and East, Motivator India. At last, the agency achieved the mandate post an important multi-agency pitch. The mandate contains managing and executing the brand’s traditional and digital media duties and rights. It contains media strategy and planning, media investment, media activation, and content, the agency noted.

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